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My mom is taking Novomix 30 insulin & Jalra M 50/500 mg daily but her sugar level is not going below 300

Hi all, My name is Gaurav my mom is a diabetic from past 20 years earlier she was talking Tryglycomet 7.5 which helped in controlling her sugar level but since past 10 days Tryglcomet is banned so the doctor asked my mom to discontinue it. She is also taking Novomix 30 insulin & Jalra M 50/500 but from few days her sugar level is not going below 300, any suggestions how it can go below 300 or what could be the effects if it does not come down ??

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Mr Gaurav , i am a traditional ayurvedic practitioner. I will send you 100 grams herbal powder compound at free of cost. it has been proved 100% successful herbal compound to control high blood sugar. she can get normal sugar levels with in one or two days.but only complication is with the allopathic doses and insulin. you have to closely monitor her sugar levels every day twice and tapper down the insulin doses to zero level with in a week. how ever the tablet doses are to be reduced as per local diabetalogyst's suggestion.you can contact me on gummallaramachandramurthy@gmail.com


And what is that power and how does it work mr murthy?

Please don't give false promises to sell your product. This forum is not for business purpose.


Mr Suramo

It is not a false promise. It is true and scientifically and clinically tested herbal ingredients are compounded in to a balanced herbal nutrient to control high glucose levels safely supporting all the other organs and systems.and i have requested Mr Gaurav at free of cost and hence the question of business does not arise at my end.



don't get into trap of anybody here. Go scientifically. Get all the reports of your mother done including fasting insulin. Find out why she is not responding to medicines. I'm sure there is a problem with the diet she takes. You will learn a lot about D on this forum. Diet management will benefit her

good luck

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i have heard a lot about arnica 6c in the cure of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. This is the homeopathic medicine and has no side effects . you can yourself . I am copying a post from Mr. Kumar . I am also a type 2 diabetic patient and just started using two of his therapies from his post and got too much relief . I am pasting his post below here.

To Dr Deoshlok SharmaFrom Joe De Livera [Log on to view profile] on 2006-02-04

As you perhaps know I am not qualified in Homeopathy as it is only a hobby to me although I have studied it and helped people who consult me free of charge.

My discovery of Arnica 30 reducing Blood Sugar levels was quite accidental and I have recommended it to many patients and over 80% have reported positive results.

I have not used the remedies that you have suggested but I am aware that they also can help Diabetics.

I would like to mention here for the purpose of record that I have prescribed Arnica 6c in the Wet dose to hundreds, perhaps thousands of Diabetics both Type I and Type II and the large majority (over 80%) of these patients have reported that they discovered that their Blood Sugar levels were reduced significantly within 12 hours after they took the first two doses of Arnica.

This discovery that I made quite accidentally in 2002 is of some significance in the therapy both Homeopathic and Allopathic, currently used to treat Diabetes as it affords the patient a very safe remedy to control their Blood Sugar. I would like to record here that I have been informed by some patients who had been diagnosed with Diabetes within a year that they were able to stop their dependence on the standard drugs like Metformin that they were prescribed and use Arnica 6c in the Wet dose taken twice daily, instead.

A recent case was a 43 year old patient who presented Diabetes with a Blood Sugar level of 337 whom I had instructed to use Arnica 6c in the Wet dose and NOT to stop the Metformin 500 which he was taking twice daily. He reported his discovery a few days later and informed me that he had STOPPED taking the drug as he discovered that Arnica alone had dropped his BS level down to 97 within a day. I instructed him to monitor his BS levels weekly and he informed me later that he does not have any need for Metformin as he is able to maintain his BS level around 100 with the Arnica alone. He also informed me that he feels much better in health without the drug as he does not feel that familiar scratching sensation throughout his body as if it was overheated any more. He also reported that he feels much more energetic and is now doing a daily jog which he was forced to abandon about a year ago after he was first diagnosed with Diabetes.

Metformin and other drugs have been found to cause other serious side effects and in time they have been found to cause damage to the Kidneys. It is my hope that the use of Arnica 6c will be given the publicity worldwide that it obviously deserves as it will help millions of Diabetics who are not aware of the benefits that they can derive when they stop or at least reduce their dependence on both the Drugs and Insulin they are using today to control their Diabetes.

I would like to add that I have prescribed Arnica 6c to be used by 2 families who have been diagnosed as chronic Diabetics as it was obvious that with both parents suffering from elevated Blood Sugar that their children too would inherit the genes and suffer from this disease sooner or later. I have monitored these families and they inform me that their children who have been taking Arnica in the Wet dose about twice weekly have not shown any signs of Diabetes so far after about 5 years into this preventive therapy.


I think I should put in my observations in this case.

1. I believe tight control of Carb is very beneficial for DM2. Only thing is that I do not know long term effect of it, say 10 years down the line.

2. Joepathy is interesting. I studied 3 years back and spent at least 3 months with Arnica 30 and 6C. It did not help me maybe because I fall in the 20% category described by Joe De Livera. One Size does not Fit all.

3. I am facing Kidney issues (Macro albuminuria) last one year, must be for long use of Allopathic medication (more than 10 yrs). Take blood pressure medicine for Kidney management! Advices will help me.

4. I also have enlarged prostrate for which I take Urimax 0.4 last 3 years and it is controlled. But I wanted to get rid of the Allopathy. So I took Lycopodium 200 four doses followed by Sabal Serrulata Q for a month. Strangely my FBS fell down to 70/80 from 100. I was so happy but after 2 months again it increased and I repeated Lyco 200. Again FBS came down to 80. I am not a qualified Homeopath but I studied a lot and respect homeopathy. I do believe that in some condition it may give a comprehensive remedy from the core cause of symptoms.

5. Lastly I shall repeat that every case is Unique. Generalization helps in Mass treatment but it will be best if the patient himself studies and be an alert observer to take the best course of action for self. Complex and serious cases of course must not be allowed for experimentation. Doctors are unavoidable often.

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