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Protein before meals



Daniela Jakubowicz et al. Incretin, insulinotropic and glucose-lowering effects of whey protein pre-load in type 2 diabetes: a randomised clinical trial. Diabetologia, July 2014 DOI: 10.1007/s00125-014-3305-x

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The said trial was conducted by giving whey just before high glycemic bf.Further study on diabetic on lchf is required. But logically and scientifically yes, whey protein given before meals can solve the problem of first phase / early insulin response. But the moot point is " do we want to push tired pancreas to secret insulin very often? ". I'm of the opinion that we as diabetics should take fewer meals and that's why the concept of IF. Insulin level control is as important as bs control. Require further studies on different groups.

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