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Diabetes awareness information whom to believe?


Hey everyone there, this is Sreevidyarthy and I am a researcher by nature. I have a question that may help people with diabetic complaint s or family member diagnosed with DM.

Can anyone please put light on who decides the ranges of sugar levels of humans? What's the Yardstick to that yardstick of ranges printed on every test reports? How really real is the normal ranges are? Changing lifestyle hasn't changed our human adoptable genetically? Are we pushed and pulled by the business and economics of world on this too like many? Comment your opinions dear friends. Let's open up our mind and heart to see the world again!

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what is your thinking as a researcher?

Activity2004Administrator in reply to rvmasalvad


I will take care of this in a few minutes. Thank you for asking the question(s).😀


Please check your private messages, Sreevidyarthy.

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