Free Diabetes Awareness, Education and Detection Camp

Free Diabetes Awareness, Education and Detection Camp


•Free Diabetes Check-up

•Onsite Counselling

•Free distribution of Diabetes Awareness booklet in local language

•Free Diabetes Education Programme

Place: "Health & Fitness Expo", AES Ground, Near Helmet Circle, Besides Adani CNG Pump, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Date: 12 to 14 April 2013, 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

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  • If any one from Ahmedabad, wants to be a volunteer in this noble cause please let us know...

  • Do you educate to cut down on CARBS and switch to high fat diet or you also spread the ADA guidelines going by which not many (i dont think anyone) would be able to control diabetes with PILLS. I am not following the ADA guidelines and have been on no meds ever since i was dx'd and all health parameters are excellent.

  • We educate the people on life style modification and proper diet which is necessary for diabetes control. This is not the thing of cutting carbs and taking high fat diet. Also the ADA guideline is made for doctors, so I think It would not helpful to discuss such things in Community Education Programme. But definitely with proper treatment, proper diet and life style modification, in majority of cases, diabetes can be control with minimum medicines possible.

  • Ok. Interested to know how much CARBS do you advise in general to a NIDDM candidate (or how much does it add to for diets recommended during "education" program to a type 2 diabetics) ? I am on a lower Carb and higher FAT diet (no Trans FAT) so much so that my grains are restricted to just 1 chapati and max of 15 gms lentils/day. Rest is all veg, cream, curd, butter, cheese, eggs and veggies with some non veg like chicken and fish ...

    I always discuss this with every doctor and always find every doctor suggesting CARBS and STARCH and a diet which almost exceeds 200gms carbs else my brain will fog and most tell me i will have a heart attack some day :)

  • Dear Anup, CARBS and Fat requirement are depend on the patient. But High fat diet will always become harmful to any person...

  • Ok thanks. That's what i wanted to know :)

    I will stay on HIGH FAT diet (despite ADA's brainwashing towards higher carbs) like many diabetics who are enjoying life without medicines and good metabolic parameters after having switched to LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET.

    Many of We diabetics are more inspired by Dr Richard Bernstein, Atkins and Gary Taubs so have swayed away from conventional wisdom that ADA wants us to live by so that more PILLS and INSULIN can sell ...

    Ancel keys research created USA the most OBSESE nation on earth ... and they all lived on LOW FAT HIGH CARB nonsense ... :(

  • I am not sure about low carb and high fat diet but your questioning of ADA is commendable. I will pick up the thread of your advise, in due course. My Best Wishes

  • It's not just me ... all self educated diabetics who fire their ENDO always question ADA's guidelines. For many Dr Bernstien is role model for Type 1 diabetics.

    Most of diabetics who want to be self educated are told to go through the site of Jenny Ruhl (a type 2 diabetic who doesn't believe in ADA's crap also)

  • well, I was inspired to see the blog of jenny, It is interesting to note that she is recommending intensive blood glucose control and use of insulin .... this seems to be in accordance with ADA... But perhaps it is not possible to have a debate eelctronically. May best wishes

  • But she herself has gone off Insulin going the Low Carb route ... she was on Insulin .. yes it is better to go that route to get things under control :)

  • Frankly speaking the ADA version of Global Consensus Guidelines 2012, does say low carb diet, I do not know what the previous version said, ( perhaps I should double check on this). They also recommend metformin/insulin for persons first time presenting with diabetes. The previous recommendation of giving a trial of diet and exercise before starting medication, has been changed. What they are not saying explicitly, and you seem to be suggesting obliquely, is that you can go off medication, after starting medication, more specifically, after starting insulin. And So the lines get blurred and fudged here. My greater interest was on the issue of saturated fats, as it was the essential and proud constituent of every humble Indian household's diet- its taste of food and hope for healthy life. This was deliberately maligned for highlighting the unsaturated oils' ostensible benefits in bringing down cholesterol, though nobody could ever establish it. Onkar

  • They say LOW CARB for getting down weight ... not for lowering Sugar. Once weight is down they want diabetics to eat same old 200+ grams carb.

    Glad that one user is already seeing benifit of going LCHF ... benefit in less than a fortnight and he has posted his exprience on board. If i can improve life of even 1 diabetic even after spending huge time ... it's time well spent. This needs to be spread in India. verseas diabetics fire their endo or get fired by their endo in order to be on LCHF Diet.

    In short -- LCHF Works and works to an extent that for many Type 2 even Metformin would become unnecessary medicine :)

  • ANUP Sir / Madam Can u please clarify the following points.

    previous night I taken 8 to 10 small pieces of pappaya and take small quantity of POMAGRANITE (DALIMBE FRUIT ) early morning at 5-30 Am BS found 113 drinking one cup of 75 ml of cofee without sugar after 2 hours walk and brisk walk at 8-30 Am BS 143 after finishing routine work taken lunch uppama with curd small quantity after completing 2 hours BS found 209 Please inform me what is the problem

    What R the food taken for lunch for south Indian vegitarians to decreases the BS to normal range of 140 PP? Hope early answered at your end Thanks in Advance .


    Can u inform south Indian veg for lunch because south Indians normaly do lunch from wheat ragi jowar or rice only


  • Anup is no longer on this forum. Currently he is busy on the forum that is slated to be launched on Sept 21st --

    Bookmark the URL and jin there on 21st Sept. You will find him there

  • o K Medfree I wishU fornew forum sared on 21st Imay also became member of the fourm Thanks If u are free can u answer above my questions ? Thanks

  • The morning BS level of 143 is liver dumping. You are straining your body with exercise. Reduce exercise and check.

    How much carbs you are eating during the day?

    Food items which raise your BS should always be avoided or eat such a quantity which has minimal impact on your BS.

    Eat to your meter is the best strategy.

  • Srisamrath Thanks for respond. I have already sending so much quesytions about thisbut no suitable answer or expert opinion also not obtained

    Further I am clearly mentionedthe detains For again I mentione3d

    1. Early morning at 5-30 Am Empty stomach BS reading 113

    2 Drink cup of cofee 75 Ml and ordinary walk for 20 minutes and brisk walk for one hour. and back to home for ordinary walking by 20 minutes

    3 after 20 minutes rest check Bs found 143 After routine work eat uppama with curd and ordinary walk for 3kms. r exact time of lunch after 2 hours BS check found 209

    This is the problem As already said that previous night I take 8-10 pieces of pappaya and small quantity of POMAGRANITE FRUIT

    Now I think u may understand my question ? Further always my BS is normal why these difference obtained can u exacta nswermay possible to this ?


  • I have understood your question. The answer is same. If you can calculate your total carb quantity then put it here. Is this happening on regular basis or one day event?

    It is either miscommunication between insulin and lever or there is insufficiency of insulin to clear raised BS level. Exact cause can not be given. You have to adjust your exercise according to your BS levels.

  • Thanks sri samarath I know all these things I am bs from 20 years and so of my questions and answer from other members s already in this blog

    Today is special case Icannot understand . Further I taken uppama of suji prepared with some of vegitables also

    Please clarify how much time taken lunch with carbohydrates ( wheat ragi or rice south Indianlunch food ) which digest and convert into glucogen and became blood sugar normalrange is it any formula u Know ?

    Further is it possible together with above grains ifwe add protiens like moong dal/round orbengal dal/round it may digest urgently andbecame blood sugar normal ?

    Further iam not met any dieticians since ifI ask they have inform me to check full bloodtest I am already do it in last August andI I want to to do bloodcheck completely in septembermonth . Thanks

  • Conversion of glucose to glycogen and vice versa varies from person to person. Part of glucose may get converted to fatty acids.

    Carb in most of the grains are fast acting. Sprouted and cooked legumes are digested very slowly. Flour form of dals will be absorbed fast compared to whole dal .

  • Thanks for respond Srisamath Sir Please any formula is there How much of carbohydrate to digest and the bloodg glucose became normal as 140 In place of ragi roti chapathi or iddli dosa If we used moongdal / moong round or bengal dal or ro Further how much und is it better may controlto Bs. as normal range Thanks

  • Try consuming chana, moong, lentils sprouted and/or cooked. Many dishes can be prepared from them. It will not spike your BS.

  • madam Can u please clarify the following points.

    previous night I taken 8 to 10 small pieces of pappaya and take small quantity of POMAGRANITE (DALIMBE FRUIT ) early morning at 5-30 Am BS found 113 drinking one cup of 75 ml of cofee without sugar after 2 hours walk and brisk walk at 8-30 Am BS 143 after finishing routine work taken lunch uppama with curd small quantity after completing 2 hours BS found 209 Please inform me what is the problem

    What R the food taken for lunch for south Indian vegitarians to decreases the BS to normal range of 140 PP? Hope early answered at your end Thanks in Advance .

  • Please educate me what is low carb and what is high carb and what are all the respective foods that contain High and Low carbs and clarify which type of carbs are good.

  • SATURATED FAT is BAD theory which demonized Coconut and tropical oils was started by "Proctor & Gamble" when they made CRISCO == Crystallized Cotton Seed Oil the first TRANS fat which really was the foundation stone of spreading scare against saturated fat ... all for "Personal PROFITS at expense of Public Health"

    And we still love that Stupid Company just because we are spammed daily with some ad or the other on TV.

    Then came the great junk science of Dr Ancel keys who discarded data of 14 countries just to selectively select 7 nations to suit his study and prove LOW FAT Theory. This theory produced "United States Of America" the most OBSESE Nation of earth. Wherever American lifestyle of LOW FAT HIGH CARB WENT 9with companies like Kellogs, Subway, McDonalds et al) all the modern diseases spread like epidemic .. be it India or China.

    So .. switch to LOW CARB and HIGH FAT Diet :)

  • Well, Thirty years ago, after medical college, after re-reading biochemistry, I was able to clarify to myself the mis-conceeption created in our minds about 'harm' caused by saturated fats. Good of you to start dissemination of this truth.

  • Spread the awareness if you can. 50-60% of type 2 NIDDM diabetics can live healthy life without medicines and have a great control of BGL. Problem is PHARMA LORDS will lose huge money and this explains why there's entire machinery vehemently working in spreading the FUD that FAT causes heart problems.

    I have experimented on myself and even my friends who went low carb high fat way are now only on 250mg Metformin SR after being for 8 years on crap like PIOZ, JALRA.

    As the awareness spreads i wouldn't be surprised if some JUNK science proves that now safe limit for a diabetics is FBS 60-80 and PPBS 120 max. In US they already revised A1C values downwards wrt something to do with insurance.

  • If you restrict your daily carb intake to less than 100gms you are on low Carb so to say.

    Please check the total quantity of CARBS that you eat from

    Ignore their daily allowance of fat/carb/protein etc.

    Simple Or Complex all CARBS convert to sugar so none are good for diabetic so to say and that's why insistence on LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET. Whoever switches reaps the benefit.

    Someone sent me a message today how he has started seeing benefit in about a week after cutting down carbs so i requested him to post his experience on forum so that all can take advantage. CARB is POISON for a DIABETIC but ADA wants you to eat 200gms/day+

    I eat 100-150gms nuts/day, i eat butter liberally, i eat full fat milk cream yet my LIPIDS are great and my blood pressures are down. JUNK SCIENCE will keep convincing everyone that FATS are bad. TRANS FAT is BAD ... and if you switch to LOW CARB HIGH FAT diet you nwill not need medicines as a NIDDM type 2 ,,, and i say this because i have seen how my friends have stopped taking pioz, collitis medicines, jalra m after switching and are no just taking 250mg of Metformin SR .... this is after being on 8 years of those ADA recommended Nonsense which never ever will let you have a good control of sugar levels without medicines.

    They will tell you to eat CARBS and then eat PILLS like peanuts :)

  • it having any joining fee

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