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When should I have my FBS and PPBS tested?

I started intermittent fasting a week ago. I am following the 8:16 pattern - if there is such a thing. After dinner around 8 pm I skip bf the next morning and have my first meal of the day between 1 and 2 pm. My dinner is around 9 pm. So roughly it is 16 hours or so of fasting with an 8-hr eating 'window'.

In a few weeks I have my next appointment with the doctor. When I used to eat bf I had my FBS tested at 8 am, have bf and test PPBS two hours after bf. Those doing the 8:16 (or similar) IF please advise me on when to do my FBS and PPBS tests. Do I do my FBS in the morning and the PPBS after my first meal of the day at 1 pm or do I test FBS at 1 pm just before my meal and PPBS two hours after?


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I think you should test your FBS in the morning (before BF, any medicine or any exercise) and test your PPBS two hours after your first meal.


Intermittant fasting is OK if you are not on medication.Otherwise you may have to reconder your decision of skipping meals.Fasting does not always result in better sugar control.Intelligent eating helps.


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