Doves, Diplomats and Diabetes

Doves, Diplomats and Diabetes: A Darwinian Interpretation of Type 2 Diabetes and Related Disorders.

Diabetes has fascinated clinicians and laymen alike for several decades and volumes have been written on almost every conceivable dimension of the dis-ease. Invariably dysregulation of carbo-hydrate and lipid metabolism associated with insulin deficiency are advanced as the causal factors. In this book, Watve stands to confront the established thoughts, bit by bit, and attempts to make a case for his novel interpretation of what might cause diabetes.


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22 Replies

  • Very interesting and useful information, cure. Thank you so much for posting it.

  • The above information is good.. but one has to read in bits and pieces... is downloadable PDF full copy available?

  • Guess we need to purchase this book...

    How ever there was one news in Pune Sakal last week about the author and his research work.

    He is from Pune...and if you are aquainted with marathi songs...he is son of old time marathi singer Gajanan Rao Vatve.

    Basicaly he means T2 is not just insulin and IR....there is much more...

    It is malfunction of many bodily feed back and loop function.

    We should look in to more detail about Gherlin....leptin and such besides incertins.

  • @cure.. I know veteran Gajananrao suggested by Author we need to look into other parameters affecting diabetes.

  • yes... the new drugs like DPP4 blockers..GLP1 agonist are acting on these other hormones of body...

    Here is long list of various hormones of body...

  • thank God , some saner version of diabetes , reasons , causes is getting explored .

  • LOL....

  • one of the reasons could be mineral deficiency .Chromium , cobaltum selenium , manganese , magnesium ,phosphorus ,etc all have their own contribution in causing some malfunction in the body .

  • yes... and the research says.. there are about 70 different hormones of body responsible for this...

    It is very delicate balance ..feed back..loop is the cause of insulin resistance...

    once it is of now is impossible to restore the same...

  • then in what way a different diet sets right the balance except feeding the deficiency ?

  • is first will slow down disease progression....thats all....

    can not restore equilibrium back

  • that's the point . First of all the deficiency has to be found and then it has to be restored to get a cure or relief . Beating around the bush with various theories is of no use .

  • Saying that...going low carb to control diabetes is first step... may be then u can find out other strategy to find out other deficiencies and fulfilling them

  • low carb does not control diabetes . It only suppresses the symptom . Any disease can't be controlled by suppressing the symptoms Control or cure depends on rooting out the cause.Cause is deficiencies or excesses. omissions or commissions.

  • hmmm so what do u mean by Diabetes??? IR?? hyperinsulinemia?? or something else???

  • Something else.

  • like??

  • Diabetes is a symptom of some serious misuse of the body in food , lifestyle ,and thought process .When once they get corrected diabetes does not bother us any more .Total misuse of nature gave this curse. It is not empty noise .Let all the intellectuals ponder over this and put a stop to the mindless exploitation of nature.

  • Can you please explain more on the more "mindless exploitation of nature ", maruthy?

  • Polluttion of water bodies , unmindful digging of the earth for mineral and metals , unchecked use of cell phones ,use of automobiles ,ozone depletion , GM foods, use of chemicals and pesticides to extreme levels , disposal of nuclear wastes, many many things are disturbing the balance in nature and life in general.

  • Well agreed... it is mindless abuse to our body due to wrong food habits/lifestyle etc.

    And once that equilibrium is of now impossible to reestablish again ....

    However author is talking about some diffrent theory and explaining this in context of Darwinian theory of evolution.

  • Here is interesting article got published in today's Pune news paper 'Sakal'

    I am sorry this article in Marathi...

    But gist of article is that there is sort of cobweb of various Hormones in the body... and if we alter or disturb any of the string... we lose balance... it is very delicate balance..

    one interesting point he mentions...that in human trials the some how choked beta cells function in healthy individual... still the fasting sugar remained unaltered...

    here is the article :

    page no 5

    u may click on the page to enlarge and read..

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