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My fasting blood sugar reading is106 . Is it ok at the age of 58


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  • You need to get readings of your sugar level PP after food and also do h1b1 glyco analysis to be sure of. Thanks

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  • Rashpalsingh

    Seem to be good but bring it down below 100 - preferably at 80-85. By the way are you taking medicines ? If yes you should try to be drug free by idm.

    Get your a1c done. It's a better guide to bs control.

    Gud luk

  • No I don't take medicine. But for last few months I have not been able to do regular excercise

  • 106 is not only OK, it is perfect at age 58. No need to take medicine if it is 106. Get A1C every 3 to 6 months. If below 7, do not worry

  • Thanks. I don't take any medicine. But I believe it can be improved

  • It is a perfect score. If its without any medicine intake. Good control ..

  • Ye I don't take any medicine

  • It's very disappointing how low the expectations are of some people. 106 is almost at the threshold of hyperglycaemia/diabetes. 100 still indicates metabolic syndrome.

  • I agree. I will try to bring it down to 100. Please suggest me how I can

  • These booklets are for the UK, but should be easy for you to adapt using the core principles.

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  • Seems to be OK but be careful and get some repeat tests. Ensure you go for regular Brisk walks for 30 to 40 minutes everyday. Avoid direct sugars and reduce carbs in your diet. Be careful for future,

  • Thanks Rakesh ji. I don't take sugars . I do eat fresh fruit like Apple, pear, pomegranate . Also follow six meals a day plan. Even I take my dinner at 7pm in my office as I get late from the office

  • Rashpalsingh

    Fruits are to be considered as natural candies. Better avoided but measure bs one hour after taking fruits. Will give you an idea if the fruit to be avoided or not.

    Six meals a day is not a good strategy. 2-3 meals a day if fine.

    Please take care of your diet. Lchf

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  • My view is 3 major meals and 3 minor meals OK Major Breakfast Lunch and dinner. Minor morning tea afternoon snack and evening tea. Fruits excepting Banana, Cheeku Grapes are OK. You can eat fruits in limited quantity and fruits such as Guava are very good for diabetics.

  • Total calory intake should be restricted to 1800 to 2100 divided into these six meals

  • Rakesh I am very particular about my food. Take six meals a day. My after meals reading is 150

  • for diabetics Blood sugar PP 150 not high. You have scope to reduce it little but as it is not much. Continue with your exercise and diet control

  • Thanks Rakesh

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