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Guys can sugar be only controlled by medication ?

My mother is a diabetic, she has cholesterol and bp both cholesterol and bp are controlled by medication for diabetes she takes galvus met 1000mg from past 10 years and by this medication her sugar was in control but from past few months her blood sugar always remain about 250mg/dl she has a sedentary lifestyle due to severe depression so how should she take care of her blood sugar levels please help.....!!

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Gavus (1000 metformin +50 mg vildagliptin) is a good drug. Kindly indicate food .Basically reduce carb as fer as possible.Thanks


the reason for being diabetic more often is we take carb foods much compared to other items if we change our food habbit we could control sugar follow paleo food practice to control sugar it is successful it is more of good cholestrol foods like panneer butter vegetables and not grains rice , flour


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