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Any Ayurvedic medicine for Diabetics


I am 46 years old and my sugar readings are 147 fasting & 205 post breakfast. I have nt visited a diabetologist yet. Currently , i am doing exercise early morning for an hour along with control on diet( focus on vegetables, no fried , salad etc.). Does any one know about Ayurvedic line of medicine for diabetes which can reduce my sugar levels permanently?

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You seem to be doing enough efforts. Give up tendency to "treat " diabetes by medicines.

"No fried " 🐒🐒😁😁. You also are victim of the propaganda that fats are bad. Well. Try lchf / idm. You may not need any medicine.

Gud luk


Integrative Medicine is a recent advance in Allopathy. It is not ayurvedic but it is wholly natural. It goes to the root cause of illness and reverses it, Thus your diabetes can be permanently reversed, with proper compliance. drlilykiswani.com/ provides tons of information.


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