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Pls give LCHF diet plan for vegetarian

I m 36 year old and 5'7" height, 70 kg weight. Diabetes since 2014. Earlier my medication was gluformin M1 forte & glimon m1 XL. Before 2 months it is changed to apriglim m1 before lunch and no medication before dinner.I was eating all type of food before 2 months. But now I am worried. Please guide me the vegetarian LCHF diet. My last report was 102 fasting and 163 after lunch.

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You have to follow certain principles.

1) great determination

2) learn about gi gl of food.

3) no to rice, root veg, sugar etc and fast foods

4) take good fats liberally.

5) exercise

6) legumes except soya also contain 60% carbs.

7) plenty of water.

8) no to dairy milk. Take coconut or almond milk. Paneer and cheese liberally.

9) fruits better avoided. Can take avocado, apple,guava, berries.

There are many posts about diet on this forum.

Also post your lab reports.

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what were the figures without medicine and how do you feel now i.e. symptoms ?

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I am feeling good now but don't know the test report without medicine

My cholesterol is very high. It's 249 but physically after loosing 4Kg feeling better.

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You can switch to LCHF diet which is essentially fruits and vegetables. Plenty of sites are available on the Net. Low carbs should get the number down. If possible, you can start at least eggs and fish.

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