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Pomegranate dry seeds

Thanks Dr for your valuable advice. I'm Purshotam. Istay in Dubai, which is the origin from India. I'm 65 years old. At the age of 48, I had a bypass done.

Last year, again there was a blockage of very hard calcium and I went through rota plasty. It's almost a year, but I was still feeling heaviness on my heart. I started following your advice and today it's one month. Now, I can feel better.

Will update you after my angiography test.

If any other advice from you, please let me know.

Thanks a lot

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can I get the details on how to use dry pomegranate seeds?


A 100-g serving of pomegranate seeds provides 12% of the Daily Value (DV) for vitamin C, 16% DV for vitamin K and 10% DV for folate.

Pomegranate seeds are an excellent source of dietary fiber (20% DV) which is entirely contained in the edible seeds. People who choose to discard the seeds forfeit nutritional benefits conveyed by the seed fiber and micronutrients.






So sorry to hear your story. Now you need to find out how much damage your body and heart has suffered from D. Your case is warning for all those who continue taking wrong diet and that by pass is not the answer.

Post your reports. But most important for you to take very low carb diet. At least your condition won't worsen. Even if your coronaries are blocked you can develop collateral circulation with yoga and possible exercise. Diet management is the only way. I would advise you to avoid pomegranate. 19 g carb %

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