Quite confusing : LCHF or Carbohydrate diet with NO Dairy products, No Poultry, No Meat products

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I would like to have your opinion on 2 sets of Confused information available on Internet

Diet 1: LCHF which stresses for Low carb and High Fat consumption with moderate protein usage.


DIET 2: Referred by John MC DOUGALL

Eat all Starch Carbohydrates and

No consumption of Meat, Dairy and poultry products including Sea food like fish

Look forward for your esteem opinions and guidance for the right diet to follow and to remove confusion and Fear of Fats leading to Heart Disease.

Regards and Best wishes

Zaheer Basha

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  • Why not try both for six month each and let the medical reports and medications do the talking if you are undecided?

    FATS leading to heart problems is a MYTH.

    Elevated insulin is the problem.

    Check which diet reduces the fasting insulin most and that will clear all FEAR.

    We have few Diabetics who failed miserably with VEGANISM in less than 3 years and are now on LCHF Diet.

  • In first diet system low Carb and high fat... But here high fat means which type of fat? Some people blindly following high fat means dairy fat or meat or poultry. But stop here. Here High fat means in the form of nuts,yogurt,milk or milk products and also poultry products. But all shud be eaten in such a way that from your total fat 90 to 92% fat shud be in a form of mono and polyunsaturated fat.

    In 2nd diet u shud eat starchy Carb but it shud be tracked and Carb shud be controlled up to 130 gm.

    But according to my experience if u eat veg&non-veg both food than it is very easy to control Carb. As we know Carb content in poultry & fish is less than other food. But that doesn't mean u eat all time these type of food.saturated fat trans fat is there in poultry and meat so excess use lead to heart disease.

    So better u decide yr diet low carb high protein and high fat diet. But protein shud not exceed 70gm per day.fat shud not exceed 50gm per day. And also out of 50 gm fat 42 to 43 gm fat shud come from mono and polyunsaturated fat.

    If u confused yet than consult dietician and make a diet chart for a week accordingly .

  • Rbdesai

    Sir. Beg to differ on few points.

    1) "Here High fat means in the form of nuts,yogurt,milk or milk products and also poultry products. But all shud be eaten in such a way that from your total fat 90 to 92% fat shud be in a form of mono and polyunsaturated fat."

    Milk to be avoided. Coconut and almond milk can take as much as you want. Take yogurt-d, curd etc after removing whey. Cheese paneer are good. Avoid processed cheese as it contain 13% carbs. Cheddar and mozrella etc good.

    Good fat are vco, co, evoo, ghee and palm kernel oil. Sesame and mustard oils are good. The best cooking oil vco and co contain 91% sfa. Mufa and pufa loses their benefits on heating. Evoo - pufa good for use as dressing.

    2) starchy carbs uncooked good. Learn about rs but carbs if complex are better. Avoid rice, root vegetables, sugar completely.

    3) "saturated fat trans fat is there in poultry and meat so excess use lead to heart disease." Transfats should never be eaten by anybody - D or nonD. Sfa, poultry and meat from grass fed animals don't increase incidence of cva cha chd. Please.

    4) "fat shud not exceed 50gm per day. " since you can't take more carbs and protein more than 1g/ kg = 70g/ day you have to take good fat more than 50g / day. I recommend 60-65% of your caloric requirement should come from the good fats.

    You may consult a dietitian who is updated or else he / she would confuse you. Would advice you to eat some rice and sugar !!!!😳😳😳😳

  • 1. PUFA loaded vegetable oils are worst source of FAT


    2. MUFA easily turns rancid. Not supposed to be heated at all. So Virgin Olive Oil just good for salad dressing and also to be bought in small lots. Never to be used for cooking.

    3. SFA is great. It's a MYTH (or an Industry propagated LIE) that SFA causes CVD/CHD. It does not:


    4. Trans Fat always avoided.

    Best sources of FAT:

    Coconut Oil, Nuts, Eggs, Full Fat Dairy based items.

    5. Our LCHF premise is based on 60%+ FAT as source of energy. So just 50 gm FAT won't suffice as 50 gm FAT + 70gm P = 730kcal. This means one has to take 200G carbs. This is not LCHF. We restrict carbs to 100g max.

  • Suramo.

    Sir I want to tell u if any person go for high fat than how can he/she complete 60to65% quota of fat from calorie content. And if a person on borderline of HDL&LDL than what will u suggest for fat in a staple food? For low carb if a person select to eat poultry food or meat as a staple food than how one can save him/herself from animal fat. which is converted in to transfat after cooking. For fat u can't eat evoo,evco,vco more than 4to5 teaspoon. 100ml milk give u 4 carb but also give u vitamin D, protien and other minerals required for our body.

    After some age cheez can't be a staple food. If a person suffering from diabetes than he/she shud never eat simple carb. Complex carb is the way to control diabetes and also weight loss.

    I suggest high fat and high protein diet b'coz Only high fat is dangerous for borderline HDL&LDL and Only high protein is also dangerous so instead of high fat one shud eat equally high fat and high protein with low carb. As we all know rice & sugar r direct enemy for diabetes and also simple carb so everybody shud avoid it.

    My whole idea is to eat high fat like nuts,milk,yogurt,hard boiled egg, evoo, evco, some time cooked meat&poultry.

    To eat high protein like peanut,peanut butter,mix daal,fortified wheat flour(fortified by wheat bran,soya bean) hard boiled egg 12 per week,soaked almond,paneer,milk,cheez(some times) cooked poultry,fish etc..

    I am very much clear about above all things b'coz I was detected 480 bg 3rd sept.2016 started with Obimet GX2 and since last 2 month I am without medication maintaing ppbs 140 and fbs 100 around.i had also loss weight from 93 kg to 79 kg within 4 month today I am taking 1250kcal. Diet. With above carb,protien ,fat content. I live sedentary life so daily I walk on trademill for one hour and that is also devided In to 15 minute slot.

  • Friends Thanks a lot for your comments and advises.

    Appreciate Anupji for his live experience with LCHF and without Medications managing Diabetes.

    May GOD bless all with Good and Healthy Life ahead.

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