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plant based foods

naturopathy doctor says if we follow only plant based foods(vegetables and fruits) and oil free foods can definetly reverse all lifestyle diseases within three months.that means vegan diet.fruits replaces the dairy products.there are many instenses of reversing according to DR.PRAMOD TRIPATY of poona.he insists one grain meal per day and to stop dairy products immediately.any members of the forum has tried this method.please let me know.

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i am very sure that more than half of each diet should contain vegetables,it will reduce sugar level.



oil free food. Means you are taking only carbs and proteins. You are a sureshot candidate for insulin shots.

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I too follow the diet recommended by Dr Tripathi along with long wheat and have had tremendous improvements. I am off any medicines from june 2015 with hba1c of 5.9. Sugars are well within range. This all without any exercise at all. So that's the way to control or reverse diabetes without counting carbs


Sir/madam can you please elaborate your diet that you followed and following.my phone no 9902891125 and my email address is nsfoodstampa@yahoo.com I am in Bangalore . cannot go to Poona to see the doctor.so I need your guidance.expecting an early reply.my what's app no is also same


You can find lot of information on the net. Just google even videos are there. If you feel you are unable to understand it you can just convey it . I will be more than happy if I can be of some help to my fellow diabetics.


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