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Your Suggestions Please


If you had to make only two recommendations based exclusively on your experience as a T2D then what would that be for the following profile where the goal is to achieve HbA1c below 5.6 (current 6.0) on a sustainable long term basis. PP levels behave great (1/2hr 135/115). Random closer to 100. Fasting 110-120.

1. Age below 60

2. BMI 29

3. Daily Carb consumption average 150 g +- 10%. Protein 30-35 pc. Rest good fats.

4. Trigs / HDL 2.22 (98/45)

5. hypothyroidism (controlled)

6. Mildly hypertensive (controlled)

7. Optimal D / B / Calcium

8. Exercise 5 days a week 50-60 mins per day

9. Light weights 15-20 mins + walk

10. Efforts on to reduce body weight

4 Replies

1.reduce carbs and

2.reduce carbs


1. Skip sweet items and fruits.

2. Swap starchy food items with cooked Emmer Wheat (alias Long Wheat alias Triticum Dicocuum) whole grain, bits or flour.

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