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In Praise of Metformin

I prefer not to go the medication route for glycemic control because it seems I can manage without it for now. I however wouldn't let that stop me from expressing my admiration for what has now come to be the gold standard in managing type II (yes i am aware of the side effects). Metformin continues to figure high on the ongoing human endeavour of isolating variables that increase lifespan. You can google 'metformin increases lifespan'. The molecular hunt for managing type II for the past 60 years can be summed up as follows: One half of the effort is the discovery and introduction of Metformin and the other half is the effort to better it. It was and is a blockbuster molecule that towers over others. The humble metformin has aided glycemic control for the masses. It has increased a type IIs lifespan (by managing type II; the ongoing research referred to above is in the context of general longevity independent of diabetes). It beats all others by a million miles.

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