Shilajeet....a Himlayan wonder which works synergistically with coq10

Shilajeet....a Himlayan wonder which works synergistically with coq10

Shilajit is considered one of the wonder medicines of Ayurveda. Shilajit is an important drug of the ancient Hindu material medica and is to this day used extensively by the Hindu physicians for a variety of diseases..including diabetes....

here is paper submitted by Mr Rober Talbort to California College of Ayurveda

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  • if you like to know more...

  • Cure

    This link you can read in the language you like. About types of butter milk

  • In the waterfalls , where there are crevices , a material is found like mass a bit greenish in colour , which is said be having rejuvenation properties . It is said to be the feces of snakes or some such creatures . Is it by chance this shilazit .I was given this information by tribals . I don't have first hand Knowledge .

    ps: NO PROOF .

  • saswathy

    Plz read page number 9 of the of web page in pdf form....

    Further, do any reptile feces are rich in Iron??? do they contain fulvic acid??

    Got any report on same???

  • no scientific report except tribal reports .

  • Hi Cure,

    I saw this video sometime back ...this is how shilajeet is made by Patanjai

  • karch

    yes....very good video.....

    guess what??? I was listening carefully....he said they produce about 1-1.5 tin of shilajit everyday.....

    then when he showing us raw stone processing ....he said about 5 tons of raw stone get crushed....hmmmm

    I was expecting slip of tongue....LOL...but he mentioned correctly....the raw stone has about 30/40% of pure shilajit.

    Yesterday went o patanjali local shop here.....

    They have 3 type of shilajeet with them...shudh shilajeet-this one is in semi liquid what baba is showing in have to take about one drop morning and evening in milk....I discarded i felt its clumsy ...

    Other one is shilajet rasayan...which contains shilajeet ashwagandha amala and few other herbs....I discarded cause I don't need ashwaandha at this moment.Third one is shilajeet capsules....I purchsed the same as it contains shilajeet and amala....

    started taking shilajeet and coq10 (100 MG Emcure pharma).....from yesterday....

    will let you know the results....

  • I got stomach upset with just one Shilajit capsule.

  • which one you took??? patanjalee or dabur??

  • Patanjali. Took it to bring down cortisol levels.

  • hmmm

    may be your stomach is sensitive......

    I started it from yesterday..... let us see...will let u know results

  • what tests will confirm the benefits of shilajeet with coq10?

  • increase in fasting insulin???

  • Increase in fasting insulin is desirable?

  • yes and no......but if it is elevated and sugar falls below 100....its good sign....

    But it is elevated and still sugar is above 125 it is bad

  • sitting on the fence ? ---------- this reply

  • saswathy

    Guess I am mortal human.....

  • Tried Ashvagandha for cortisol?

  • yes, i have been taking ashwagandha capsules.

    I used to wake up from sleep at about 3:00 - 4:00 am in morning after switching to LCHF and IF. BP had increased by about 20 points within 2 weeks. Googled and found out that it could be due to surge in cortisol levels. Things were back to normal in next two weeks.

  • lol

    Jingle....why get up at 3.00 am??

    Have nice sleep....your BP will remain normal....

    I never tried IF...but yes with LCHF now my BP is almost normal.

  • No, i did not wake up on purpose. aapoaap zop modayachi.

  • guess you are getting elevated on spiritual

    Joke apart....guess BP is due to sleep pattern....

    Ashwagandha is good.... but some how @anup I am not convinced......

    I feel it makes person less active....

    In rural villages in Maharashtra bullocks are fed with ashwagandha....just to make them big ....but then they become very lazy...

  • In fasting , does sleep pattern , not get disturbed?

  • In spiritual sadhana , too much food is prohibited , because full stomach makes one to fall asleep faster and longer .In such an event ,when all of you are planning for IF or total fast what effect would it have on your sleep ? would it be normal ?

  • Guess when there is less insulin running..there is less likelihood to become sleepy.

  • lesser food , lesser insulin. In the process of digestion , major part of blood rushes to stomach to facilitate that process . Lesser blood in the brain , leads to more sleep , During fasting , blood or insulin do not have much work and remain as they are and where they are .SO LESSER SLEEP. THUS food and sleep are directly proportionate to each other , though I can' t give the proportions .

  • Going toward Keto range can cause heart rate and blood pressure elevation during transition/adaptation.

    Ashvagandha makes you sleep like a baby and a good stress buster :)

  • It could have been because of loss of electrolytes due to dehydration during transition.

  • @jingle guess what??

    I suggest do this IF for short period.....I mean for 2/3 months...

    Some how I am not fully convinced with this concept.

    In longer run...body may get adapt to that eating pattern....and start storing fats....

  • @jingle guess you took shilajeet rasayan from is with ashwagandha.

    I am using shilajet capsule with coq10 by emcure...and e vitamin from Merck.

  • I took one capsule. Is rasayan available in the form of capsules too?

  • hahaha @jingle in normal language rasayan means chemical...right?? So you got confused?? but here it is used in bit different rasayan means medicines to rejuvenate...

    Yes..they are available in form of capsule

  • hey bye for meeting ahead...will chat at night...bye for now

  • yes @jingle

    I am taking the same.

  • Anup I am using defcort one mg. Can I replace with Ashvagandha

  • yes...I do take patnjani shilajeet capsule, but not regularly

  • howz results?? karch

  • I did not notice...I went to patanjali vaidya and he gave ashwagandha , shilajeet capsule , chnadraprabha vati and madhinashini....I never noticed the effect of shilajeet specifically , as LCHF trasition period lot of things are already to take care of :) ...But I got rid of 500 mg metamorfin take 500 in morning and 500 in evening ...Fasting bs is between 100 to 115 ...

  • great karch keep it up

    soon you will be out of diabetes.

  • he he ...thats far away....First step is to get rid of another 500 mg m/f ...lets c how much time it takes ...

  • I get good results if start taking fermented vegetable kanji with all meals ....and thats can also start with that

  • I am just experimenting with coq10 and shilajeet....

    And then I want to go for new castle experiment...

    I am taking just 500X 2 metformin.

    fasting is around 105 now days

  • U will lose lots of muscles in new Castle

    I had tried it for 10 days and stopped

  • hmmmm yes that is risk Shashikantiyengar

  • This could be good only if fats in pancreas. Else not likely to work

    If insulin resistance is there then it's a waste of effort (and muscle)

  • this question is in mind for long time....

    It is said....if we loose only one gm of fat....we can get out of this....

    yesterday MikePollard said(may be defensive) you need to loose lots of fats from other areas to loose one gm from pancreas....

    yesterday I visited PH diagnostic center here.....they have one liver test...I forgot the name of was something FIVR or FRIV test...where they can exactly estimate percentage of fat in liver and pancreas....

    Guess we can go for that...

  • Cure

    this fat theory is just a postulation. I don't know how they confirmed that losing 1g pancreatic fat reverses the diabetes. Yes losing fat always help us and even nonD but so precise conclusion is o/o my understanding.

  • Karch

    what is fermented veg kanji. How to prepare that?

  • Hi Suramo,

    I make it sort of pickled veg style ...put probiotic pill of my choice ...mostly the one which contains multiple types of not keep it in sun(but instead a warm place at home where generally I put the pot to set the curd), as it can kill good bacteria ....put crushed garlic and cut pieces of garlic and some whole garlic , some onion to make sure bacteria get their food ...all other sort of vegeatbles ...capsicum , pumpkin, squash, mooli, green chiiles, I will experiment with beet root

  • its like Sauerkraut

    which is called superfood ... kanji is indian style Sauerkraut, but not got any place in superfood list :( ... it remained obscure

  • Karch

    how long do you keep it? Lemon or vinegar added to keep it fresh?

  • no lemon no ferments and gets sour ....i keep it for 4-8 days depending on temperature

    keep on tasting and smelling properly fermented gets sour ...while checking make sure to use clean and dry spoon and make it in air tight jar(so that mold dont get chance to grow as they need air to grow) ... I make in jar like this

    first start with a tablespoon and see it is suiting you...dont take it large quantities in starting..

  • Can we use curd instead of probiotic pills?

    and how long can this preparation be good for use?

  • I didnt experimented with curd(Even in curd too I put probiotic pill along with starter :)) the starting i used nothing ...just let it sit for 3-5 days and it fermented by itself ...later as part of experiment put probiotic pill , i notice I fermented in less days more thing I notice , when I did not put garlic paste in in saline water ...the fermentation was going on at fast pace , as soon as I put garlic paste ...the rate of fermentation slowed down it stayed in same flavour for more number of days even outside of fridge ...I kept it 11 daysoutside of frige...then also it was good ...I dont want to keep in fridge ..but to take extra precautions for not spoiling it , it keep in experiment ...I will keep on increasing the number of out of fridge days and note the effect they do for Sauerkraut

  • suramo

    don't know why per Ayurveda curd is prohibited for a diabetic.

    But guess curd got Lactobacillus...which are different from wild yeast which gets attracted during natural fermentation process.

    Actually.... gut flora is very deep subject...

    It is also said that thinner ppl have different type of gut flora than fat person...

    adding probiotic pill is just feeding that particular flora and enhancing the effect...

    We really don't know what flora is available in our gut..and what flora we need.

    In all Ayurvedic preprations they use Dhayati flowers/Woodfordia fruticosa....

    It is said it attracts the wild yeast...

    The taste of final preparation will change as per the flora.

    karch try adding cinnamon powder at later will enhance the taste also flora will live longer.

    Most of aquarium keepers do that for DIY type co2 bottle for aquarium plants.

  • Hi Cure,

    I have started experimenting with probiotic with various conditions like ...cold , sore throat , acidity constipation ...and you know this simple concept works like magic ...yesterday eveining had fever ...i took high dose probiotic pill with zinc and then fever medicine and some joshanda and after some time arogyavardhini vati...guess what ...inspite of a hectic day today ..I am out of fever since noon...not sure what worked ...fever lasted less than a day :)

    Its a separate stream of science ...needs to be explored

    I feel there is a synergy between probiotics,ayurveda and our bodies

  • yes....arogyavardhini vati is prescribed for fever....

    NBow you took everything...and got puzzled....

    I will be landing in same dilemma if at all I get some results.

  • karch

    have you ever tried with Yakult ???

  • Yakult has sugar

  • oh really??

    Hmmmm I thought its sort of fermented milk

  • Yes

    But as usual all packed stuff are idiotic with added sugars

  • Shashikantiyengar

    yes yakult got 10 gms of sugar :O

  • Did u know? Dahi can never made from the packed dahi available?

    The culture does not work if mixed in milk

    Appears that the lactobacilus are all dead

    No use having it

  • yeah Shashikantiyengar to increase shelf life of commercial 'Dahi' they process the same.....

    So even during longer shelf live it does not get sour....

    But I am puzzled why ayurveda says no to consume dahi if you are diabetic.

  • they must have prohibited dahi as it has fat included ...they ask to consume butter milk instead

  • yep..... @karach Ayurveda talks very high about butter is said...

    ‘न तक्रसेवी व्यधते कदाचित्,

    न तक्रदग्धा प्रभवन्ति रोगा:।

    यथा सुराणां अमृतं सुखाय,

    तथा नराणां भुवितक्रं आहू:॥’

    God in the Heaven got immortality due to a pious drink (Amrut) & the humans have Takra (Buttermilk)on the Earth to be immortal.

  • yes ...they say that with takra kalp they cure colitis ...and it is done in patanjali

  • here is link from sanskrut wikipedia...

  • Cure

    There are 4 types of buttermilk described in ayurveda. Since you are fond of ayu please find out for us. Esp usages.

  • suramo

    it may be possible that type of butter milk is as per the milk used for preparation...

    Also as per the time and level of fermentation....

    As for acidity it is recommended 'Adhmura' dahi or butter milk...

    Adh=half,mura=fermented...such curd is sweet....not much less acidity...may be the rest fermentation process takes place in stomach ..and acess stomach acid is used for fermentation.

    Here is some thing....

    Butter- milk is of 3 types. Viz

    1) From which fat is completely removed

    2) From which half of the fat is removed and

    3) From which fat is not at all removed.

    The physician acquainted with the nature of the Doshas involved in the causation of the disease, Agni (power of digestion and metabolism) of the patient and his strength should administer any of the above mentioned 3 types of butter – milk appropriately.

  • Cure

    but there are other types also depending on the amount water added to the curd.

    Takra is the thinnest form of buttermilk. Wheres churning curd without adding water is the thickest.

  • suramo

    you mean dilution???

  • Yes. And different names have been given to them

  • yes lassi and masala

    well i will find out....

  • This is awesome knowledge Cure...keep it up

  • karch

    thanx dude....

    Guess which song i remember now?? ;)

    तुम अगर साथ देने का वादा करो मैं यूँ ही मस्त नग्में लूटाता रहूँ .....

    lol kidding yar......

  • he he...we all are with you ...

  • Cure

    takra is the thinnest form of butter milk. Recommended for people having weak digestion power - poor hajma

  • No

    Avoiding fat is a newer concept

    I don't believe that Ayurveda prohibits fats

  • No..ayurveda never prohibited fats...Ghrutam/ghee is base of many ayurvdeic preparations

  • Shashikantiyengar

    here.....Ayurveda considers pure un-adulterated ghee to be sāttvik or sattva-guṇi (in the "mode of goodness"), when used as food. It is the main ingredient in some of the Ayurvedic medicines, and is included under catuh mahā sneha (the four main oils: ghṛta, taila, vasā, and majjā) along with sesame oil, muscle fat, and bone marrow. Ghee is used preferentially for diseases caused by Pitta Dosha. Many Ayurvedic formulations contain ghee, for example, Brāhmi ghṛta, Indukānta ghṛta, Phala ghṛta, etc. Though eight types of ghee are mentioned in Ayurvedic classics, ghee made of human breast milk and cow's ghee are claimed to be excellent among them. Further, cow's ghee has medhya (intellect promoting) and rasāyana (vitalizing) properties. Ghee is also used in Ayurvedas for constipation and ulcers.[12]Vechur cow Ghee produced using Vechur cow’s milk, is famous for its high medicinal values due to the presence of A2 beta-lactalbumin protein and higher arginine content which is good for the health of convalescing people.[13]

    In Sri Lankan indigenous medical traditions (Deshīya Cikitsā), ghee is included in pas tel (five oils: ghee, margosa oil, sesame oil, castor oil, and butter tree oil).

  • Idiotic concept of avoiding fats came after Ancel keys study

    A western concept

  • very true.....

    ghee is also recommended in of the effect of agnimandya is accumulation of fats....

    And ayurveda said to make the fire burning again u need to add ghee in it....

  • Excellent

  • Probably because it can spike blood sugar

    While diluted spikes less

  • But what is yakult apart from sugar. Yakult is being advertised on radiocity as gut friendly product

  • Better yet try kefir

  • kefir culture is not available in India....

    I mean real kefir culture may not survive indian temperature.

  • interesting ...did you try to get the same ...and experimented with that ?

  • No

  • Cure

    this is basically curd. If you replace yakult word with curd it stands true. Well these western people are master salespersons. They give attractive names to tempt us to buy their products.

    Sour curd is considered harmful because of high lactic acid content. But as D we can take a little sour hung curd because glucose in this sour hung curd is very low due to its conversion to lactic acid

  • I think , dosa which is a staple food in south Indian families has probiotic effect because of the fermentation. Even pickles or chutneys made and used for 3 or 4 days give that effect. I may not be cent percent correct , but most of our food has probiotic properties.The use of fridge has curtailed most of the benefits .Even we are keeping curds in fridge immediately after it gets set .Any way an experimentation with probiotics may show a light in the diabetes management with out medicines . Looking forward for the results of your experiment.

  • Dosa does not have probiotic effect , as heat kill bacterai and whatever population left after cooking those may not be capable to make any difference

  • Still some thing is left .What about other food items which we make .WE never heard of these concepts but they could have been there with out our awareness .

  • in south is practise to use the left over idaly or dosa dough is added in new dough as starter....

    This is simply adding the old bacteria in new one.

  • better than dosa ...the chutney which is served alongwith dosa got more probiotic effect....

  • yes .

  • EVEN all the pickels , murabbas , jams have some amounts of probiotics though a portion is lost in the process of making . That way we can make these things a part of our daily diet instead of going for salads.

  • saswathy

    Salad and pickle and murabba all different things....

    Our gut flora is rich with various types of bacterias....

    Some bad some good...certain things which we eat is direct introduction of bacteria...certain things which we eat is food for them....

    Vegetables..fruits even we wsh them got certain they act as food for gut flora...

    Pickle may have different....since it contains fats... murabba may have different since it is sugary

    It is very deep and vast subject....

  • But sugar in murabbas or oil in packles do not cause any difference to us , the followers of socalled balanced diet . Only thing which makes difference is the destruction of some probiotic material in the process of making . I think that's ok , when the overall effect is considered . Any way it is a new concept to the people like me , though it was latent and unknown to us .

  • @karch you re right....that in heating process almost all bacterias gets killed...

    But u know what?? as I told you about DIY Co2 bottle used by aquarium keepers...they add white residue collected in new bottle... it is said...that those are dead yeast bodies...and new yeast feeds on that...

    Hmmm after cutting on carbs I suffered by constipation....

    I searched and found that my gut flora is changing now.... the gut flora which I had earlier was feeding on carbs....Now since those carbs are not available gut flora is getting disturbed...

    I started consuming coconut meat... and problem is solved.

  • oh ...yeah...I also faced the same problem when following wheatless LC_F....added veg kanji with meals problem resolved ...and when i faced the problem of constipation , my bs was getting higher than usual , as the problem resolved on the better track ...i read somewhere that constipation causes bs to rise know knowing these small small things through this forum ...made life much simpler

  • this kefir thing is interesting....But I guess that culture will not survive in Indian temperature...

    This is European culture....

    But this guy is supplying it in India...

    Have you even tried with coconut milk???

    Guess what??? this VCO oil is made with same process.....fermenting coconut milk and then taking out oil....

  • the temperature we can survive bacteria also survives on same :) so dont worry about survival of bacteria ....but did you see the cost ? and it is said that you have get fresh kefir grains after reusing it many times ....thing is can we afford this ??

    No I didnt try with coconut milk I dont know what taste or smell will spoiled contain and what is right taste or smell

    May be some south Indian friends can shed more light on process and test which can tell that fermentation went right

  • hmmm certain temperature is required for certain culture... for example...when they grow spiulina they adjust temperature so that other contaminating algae gets killed....

    Similar case with kefir....

    Yeah price in 1200 Rs for 15 ml.....

    very costly....he is making money....

    Further just posted about red yeast rice.....the popular cholesterol drug statin is derived from same....

    Chinese ferment rice and grow certain type of red yeast on rice....this contains statin.....

  • In Korea temperature through out year is lower comparatively and winter there for more than 6 months ...but they make Kimchi ....I make curd and fermented in winters too...but yeah its difficult ...for yogurt I use yogurt maker in winter and for fermented veg I keep wrapped in warm cloth and at warm place in house ...all are actually easier in India ...In India good curd setting takes 7-8 hours and without special efforts

    All bacteria which survive in human gut feels cozy at same temperature as human body as we do I guess in india they get much favouable environment to grow ...just a guess...its a tropical country ...just has right climate to grow all kind of viruses , bacteria and fungus :)

  • hey karch

    ever heard about donkey milk???

    It is gets spoiled(fermented?) within 30 mts....

    Similarly....tadi/Todi also gets fermented in a day.....

    Some one was talking here about Todi vinegar here on forum....

  • You mean it's another way of taking statins 🐒🐒

  • LOL suramo

    well i this rice with red yeast...contains statin....may be this gut flora may lead us to new DPP4 blocker :P

  • 👍👍

  • Cure

    and how do you use coconut meat and how much? because coconut meat is a heavy food item.

  • Saswathy

    curd is the best probiotic. Naturally made. Good for intestinal health - provides healthy gut bacteria. Curd used as medicine in cases of diarrhea to reestablish healthy gut bacteria but unsour curd should be used.

    Can someone tell us why curd and honey given as an omen before going for any good work, say before exams.

    The fermentation has two parts.

    Aerobic and anearobic. Lactic acid is produced at the end of anaerobic fermentation. Lactic acid is not considered good esp for musculo skeletal system i.e. muscles and joints.

  • type of butter milk is given....but not as per dilution....types as per fat percentage....(may be we can consider dilution?) and level of fermentation.

  • But Ayurveda does not suggest curds for some people like vitiligo , even diabetes.

  • true saswathy

  • So now the question is , ---how can diabetics get the best probiotic available in curds .

  • by simply not reading ayurveda books... :d

  • Then , how can any one give all the references , quotations and excerpts from AYURVEDIC BOOKS ?

  • lol.....just forget whatever you read here.... :D

    become swan..... not stork.


  • Yes. There are many contraindications. In D a little sour hung curd.

  • Suramo ,

    I think curds can be effective in giving the probiotic effect , if it is not kept in fridge. Many foods like dosa , pickles , chutneys , have probiotic effect. I think this use of fridge , has robbed of many of the good benefits of probiotics .

  • yes you are right ...fridge has also contributed to disbalance the ecology of body ...these days I dont prefer fridge as it is closed box , which keeps on fostering bad bacteria specially in india where power cut problem is prevalent is more of a problem than solution ... we are just in misconception that using fridge is doing good to health

  • Everything practically everything goes in to fridge now a days .I had seen many working women cooking one week's food and keeping it in fridge . Then they keep it in microwave oven before eating which amounts to adding wind to fire in damaging the food values . All these changes in life style have been contributing to ill health for the past 40 years . Before that fridges were very rare in ordinary middle class families .

  • Karch

    friz has the advantage of keeping things fresh. Veg remain fresh. Milk doesn't spoil. Can keep cheese, butter, ice creams and eggs for a longer time. Without freeze we can't consume these items. Fish meat and dairy products transportation possible only because of freeze.

    Well as far as curd is concerned it was made in earthern pots and utensils. Also curd was used fresh before getting sour.

  • In India, power cut problem is so prevalent that we can not rely whatever is kept in friz is actually not contaminated...and more over if friz is not timely cleaned then chnaces of breedingbad bacteria in friz would be higher...

    Moreover if anything in friz is keep on spoiling in friz...actually all air is contaminated in closed box of friz

  • Karch

    you are right but show me any other better option.

  • no options but to some points to take care of consume fresh food ...dont refrigerate , keep in good air tight container to avoid contamination from other sources ...clean friz with bking soda and vinegar etc at 15 days gap and open the door ....keep it open till dry ...keep checking for any spoiling going on in friz and finally dont over crowd friz , as temp does not remain the same as bad bact get chance to make colonies ...

  • Yes

  • It is a packaged deal . Nothing comes freely or singly in life .

  • karch

    Here is one nice link... hope u will enjoy reading

  • And one more thing saswathy.

    Curd should be rightly made. Never use sour curd to add to milk for curd making. Always keep some home made curd for future use. Add curd to the luke warm milk and in the winter season keep the curd in a warm place. The rightly made curd is solid and minimal water - whey should have been released.

    Taking curd with ghee and honey in the morning keeps you tummy cool. Try it.

  • suramo

    to make curd thick many ppl put some 'fatkari'/alum in milk...just move crystal of alum 2/3 times in milk..and then mix curd... the final product will be thick...don't know how....

  • hello , cure ,

    WHERE do we get the fatkari/alum .

  • ബാക്കിയായി/bākkiyāyi=alum??

  • I don't know that bakkiyayi . BUT ALUM , I think the one which is put in water . Is it the same .

  • yes...same one... I thought you speak malyalam

  • I am from AP. MY mother tongue is telugu .

  • to make curd thick

    Churn the milk after adding curd to it.

  • Adding a piece of red mirch , along with curds , to luke warm milk makes the milk to set nicely .

  • nice tip.... saswathy

  • Cure

    sorry. no alum.Read the reply i gave saswathy.

    make Curd by adding curd only. That is the best way. The curd should be the one that has not become sour or the curd will go rancid. The milk should be luke warm and as shrisamarth says gently mix the milk after adding curd. Keep the mixture in open place like kitchen platform in summer and in a warm place in winter. A small amount say 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoonful curd should be added to the luke warm milk. In summer curd forms early say 4-6 hours. Thereafter the curd should be put in freeze to prevent it from being sour. In winter you need to add little more curd. Usually in my family we always save some curd to be added to the next batch. We make curd daily.

  • suramo

    yes you are right....even in south india they do the same....the earlier days dough is added for fermentation of next day Idaly dough.

    And again you are right in saying the culture you add should be of right sourness fermentation it is said different Bactria act at different time... so right sourness means right type of bacteria ...and this culture needs right type of temperature to thrive...

    so..right type of right right quantity...for right time makes good curd :)

  • some more tips ....set curd in plastic or glass container not in steel container (as steel good conductor of heat )....and then in the bottom put the starter and then warm milk which you feel is good temperature for you ....then stir for some time with spoon ...but the lid of air tight container ....either put the container in warm water ...or inside some bit container to give effect of pretend oven :) maintain a steady and cozy temperature for your friends to grow fast :) will get good firm curd after 6-8 hours

  • @karch ever tried alum for thick firm curd?

  • no...but I noticed if I follow the benchmark of keep the favourable temperature for bacteria steady for the setting period ...the curd is firm and in yogurt maker the curd is always firm in glass containers ...and yummy ...the machine keeps the same temperature for given no of hours like oven...

    same effect can be achieved by using the thermal flask which keeps the things at same temperature for long hours

  • Friz slows down further fermentation process. Keeps the curd unsour for a longer time.

  • @karch nice recipe.....guess this is all about pre and pro beneficial bacteria grown....

    Guess those bacteria are very helpful....

    Hmmm try next lot with same culture....I mean just add remaining kanji of earlier lot..

  • yes...but keep feeding the bacteria..

    You can make chutany with these fermented vegetables ....its awesome...make sure you are not adding things which can harm the tiny ones :)

  • Start IF, if not doing already.

    I know you are coming from three year FAILED attempt with VEGANISM which knocked down your thyroid parameters due to over reliance on Soy.

  • currently I am trying to settle with wheatless diet ...I am planning to fast for once a week as people used to do for religious purpose and then gradually 2 then daily IF...Its tough for me I have to manage on my own :) things are slow at my end

  • If daily is not possible, then settle for 5:2 with one out of 2 days being weekly off day, unless you have 5 day week. :)

    Why did you stop writing he he he ?

  • does it means we have to cut on calories?? @anup

  • Cut residual insulin floating in blood to lower most range of lab values.

    Good carbs Or Bad carbs, both will spike it, unless it's all fiber :)

  • @anup that is achieved by low carb diet....

    then what is necessity of IF???

  • IF increases the insulin sensitivity

  • Extend over night fasting. Let body live on fat burning mode for as long as possible.

    IF also improves on IGF-1 parameters. There are clinical trials on both humans and animals on this subject.

    If you want autophagy to set in, even protein needs restriction during that period :)

  • @anup let us experiment and then find out our selves....

    I am not fully convinced....but still wants to give a try...

    You know anup initially i was also scared of fats....

    Now I can confirm dietary fats have very little impact on cholesterol.

  • We have someone on other forum, who lived on 20-25 eggs a day with no impact on LIPIDS. He was doing Atkins diet then.

    So High Fat with low Carb has no impact on LIPIDS by and large.

    My nephew's gym trainer tell him to eat 12 eggs a day. Trainer himself is on Keto diet.

  • Good carbs = RS

    Bad carbs = all other carbs

  • We get to see impact of "good carbs" once weight drop stalls or it picks up :)

  • I have to study IF literature and that needs time ...really busy these days looks like there is course work of LC*F going on reading ...reading ...experimenting day traditional fast without fruits is ok for me for now it does not need literature reading for IF

  • if you keep on doing IF for longer time....your body may get adopted to the eating pattern....

    Guess then we may not get benefits of IF...

    Insulin sensitivity.....hmmm well is it due to cutting down on carbs Shashikantiyengar

  • IF coupled with the truncated diet should work well

    Let's see

    I will try and do 12 hr fasting for a week and see

  • 12 hrs is easy....we can always do that....

    rather jains do that on daily basis.

  • it can be easily done if you take dinner evening our ancestors used to do ...

  • karch nisrgopcchar ashram....your dinner is at 6.00 PM....

    Hmmm further...jains do not eat anything grown underground....

  • And yet, Jains also turn diabetic.

    One of my colleague's wife turned diabetic.

    On the other hand, I have a Jain friend who orders Egg Omelet on Mahavir Jayanti.

  • lol AnupBanerjee We use to joke in college....

    Jain Pyaz nahi khate byaj khate hai....

    Guess they eat lot of fried items alongwith sweets...that may be pulling them towards diabetes.

    Plus jains are mostly very less physical work.

  • Hmm...there is a joke in ahmedabad ...Jain omlette...omlette without garic and onion:) a days jains dont follow the guidelines of their religion ....they snack a lot on carbs ...and eat late night.

    Jain very less ...dont use any vehicle to travel by foot and strictly dont eat after sun set ...surprisingly they dont eat any tuber veg (high in carbs ) ...they eat a lot of fat(oily food )...they are quite healthy, sharp and active in their old age ...I have seen them travelling from Ahmedabad to Bangalore by foot :)

  • Oh, so Jain Sadhus are not VEGANS? Eating too much oily food?

  • religion in india prohibit animal fat...vegan in not indian concept..

  • karch

    you know which is not aggressive and vicious religion in world?????

    LOL...wrong guess.... its Hinduism....

    don't believe??

  • karch

    Some 20 yrs ago...I was traveling from Pune to nagpur in sleeper class and one young girl was sleeping on top berth...

    Journey is of about 18 hours...

    She was sleeping on same place till we arrive at nagpur...

    Just before nagpur she came down...

    Found she was in dress of jain monk...

    I told her that I was she din took any food or water nor came down for any activities...

    She replied....she is in training process and during travel they are not allowed to take anything....not allowed to use bathroom even.... :O

  • thats why they eat or drink...i think thats due to hygene purpose

  • Though not a Jain, I don't eat during travel by train. At the most, chilled Masala milk.

  • @anup..

    Yar tussi great ho.....

    But good habit.....I carry my food with me on long distance travel.

  • Did you attend that Ashram?

  • Nahi yar....some problems at office....

    trying to find out time.... may be by august...but best time is around sept oct....let us see...

  • Is that something like Vipasna in Nasik?

  • nah....vipashyana is something like spiritual up Buddhist way...

    This is nothing to do with spirituality....

    this is purely treatment on naturopathy principles

  • Shashi.....

    What is truncated diet?

  • L**F

  • suramo truncated diet=lchf

  • please tell me what is 'IF' ?

  • IF stands for intermittent fasting.

    Just google the term and you will get lots of info on the same...

    Further are you on Victoza now???

  • @krach are you taking all medicine you posted with metformin 500 x2 times Why all shilajeet ashwaganda chandraprabha vati madunasini. madunasini and shilajeet for blood sugar control aswaganda for stressfree and chandrarabha vati for infection and urina lproblems . Are you not taken any sufunalureatablets.

    What is your PPBS and HBA1C

  • Shilajit and Ashwagandha both are said to be sufficient to control our dear enemy . But I doubt very much , whether the material supplied in the name of shilajith is genuine like they say most of dalchini is not original.

  • It is not possible to control with metformin which only gives temporary relief .Ayurvedic herbs help to finish the cure .

  • I cannot understand your sentence

    Shillelagh and Ashwagandha both are said to be sufficient to control our dear enemy .

    Who is enemy diabetes or aswaganda or shilazith or consuming person

  • diabetes.

  • I take only M/f regularily ...ashwagandha and other medicince not regularily ...I dont take madhunashini...once in a while when dine out or high readings...same with aroygya vardhini vati...

    PPBS is around 130 and didnt check A1c since wheatless diet...3 months

  • karch plz be careful with arogyavardhini vati....

  • Good control continue the metformin tablets alone and for stress free you may take Ashwaganda capsules daily night.

  • yes pelase. I am taking 1.2mg daily and metformin 1000mg twice

  • have you ever tried low carb diet Ramanapcv

  • suramo karch saswathy

    Is it possible to enrich gut flora with beneficial bacteria which produceB12??

    here is something interesting...

    Several probiotic bacterial species such as Lactic-acid bacetria (LAB)- Lactobacillus spp.(species), Propionibacterium spp. or Bifidobacterium spp. can produce B12 and other B-vitamins. Whole genome sequencing is used to identify particular bacterial strains or a community of different bacteria in the human body that produce B12. Two species that possess all the genes for B12 synthesis are Propionibacterium freudenreichii (A genetically-engineered strain of this bacteria is used to make B12 commercially) and Lactobacillus reuteri (naturally found in most human intestine).

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