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Hi I am suffering with diabetic patient having 202 measure. Still I am not taking any medicine. I have gone through with WOOD which you suggested but find no details. Pl advice : 1. From where to get it? 2. What is the cost. 3. How long it is to be taken. 4. Along with this any other supportive mdedicine from Ayurved/allopathic are to be taken. 5. Is it a permanent curative medicine? . Thanks.

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  • If this is wrt vijaysar wood / tumbler etc, just forget it.

    if you want to manage diabetes quickly with least use of drug, consider LCHF diet. For more discussion on this you will need to subscribe to newly launched LCHF Diabetes forum -

    I am into sixth year as a drug free diabetic on LCHF diet. More about my journey here:

    And 600+ Indians that I know of personally have benefited .. even with 25 years of diabetic history. You can click my username to go thru few success stories that I have posted randomly. But, for more interaction on this, subscribe to the above forum

  • Vermaji,

    I guess you are talking about vijaysar diabetic tumbler, vijaysar is effective in increasing insulin sensitivity and rejuvenating beta cells of pancreas, but it cannot cure diabetes,, it can help you. Camera start taking controlled Diet, Exercise and exercise and medication also if required. You can eliminate medicine once it gets controlled. Also go for hba1c test and lipid profile to guide you further

  • I have used Vijay saare tumbler, dipped wood pieces in jug, also powder internally. Maybe protects from further increase, but no relief or cure.

    See a doctor, bring things under control, then gradually shift to LCHF, using only coarse carbs

  • I have used Vijaysar tumbler. It is a waste of money

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