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Clarification of sugar patient

Hi I am suffering with diabetic patient having 202 measure. Still I am not taking any medicine. I have gone through with WOOD which you suggested but find no details. Pl advice : 1. From where to get it? 2. What is the cost. 3. How long it is to be taken. 4. Along with this any other supportive mdedicine from Ayurved/allopathic are to be taken. 5. Is it a permanent curative medicine? . Thanks.

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I have used Vijay saare tumbler, dipped wood pieces in jug, also powder internally. Maybe protects from further increase, but no relief or cure.

See a doctor, bring things under control, then gradually shift to LCHF, using only coarse carbs

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I have used Vijaysar tumbler. It is a waste of money

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