Diabetes prevention

I recently popped over the healthy 'normal' blood sugar fasting and given my family history and a husband who is only just got his diabetes 2 under control after a heart attack...and still fights me at taking daily blood sugar reading to stay on top of it...well I just want to stay informed. When Rob was first diagnosed with DT2 the world of medicine was convinced that was it. But in my research thanks to Dr. Fung, I am hopeful that I can totally prevent my diabetes and even get Rob off the insulin needles. Obviously a lifestyle change is in order. I just experimenred with Metformin and it took my 6.9 HBA1c down to 4.3. So I am researching the impact of that as it is a tad low. Open to thoughts.

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  • What are actual bs levels. FBS and PPBS.

  • 4.3 to 4.8 is considered ideal by Dr Richard Bernstein.

    Watch his videos on youtube. There's plenty of them. He is a type 1 with 70 years of diabetic history and still conducting free monthly tele-seminars at 82 years of age. He been on 30 grams carbs/day for last 4+ decades.

  • my sugar level FBS 77.5 and PPBS 250. Am on insulin of 10 units morning and 10 units night with Glycomate GP2 and Jalra m 50 morning and evening. Regularly am going for walk. Kindly suggest any changes ?

  • .(1) FBS 77 is a bit dicy since you are on insulin.

    (2) 250 PPBS is dangerously high.

    (3) Check this case of 100+kg insulin injecting diabetic with multiple drugs for diabetes as to how he could eliminate drugs worth 4500/month within first week (Januvia, Invokana) of switching to LCHF diet.


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