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Diabetes prevention

I recently popped over the healthy 'normal' blood sugar fasting and given my family history and a husband who is only just got his diabetes 2 under control after a heart attack...and still fights me at taking daily blood sugar reading to stay on top of it...well I just want to stay informed. When Rob was first diagnosed with DT2 the world of medicine was convinced that was it. But in my research thanks to Dr. Fung, I am hopeful that I can totally prevent my diabetes and even get Rob off the insulin needles. Obviously a lifestyle change is in order. I just experimenred with Metformin and it took my 6.9 HBA1c down to 4.3. So I am researching the impact of that as it is a tad low. Open to thoughts.

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What are actual bs levels. FBS and PPBS.


my sugar level FBS 77.5 and PPBS 250. Am on insulin of 10 units morning and 10 units night with Glycomate GP2 and Jalra m 50 morning and evening. Regularly am going for walk. Kindly suggest any changes ?


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