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4 months ago will buying glucose meter for my father i was learning how to use in shop and came to know my level are high enough to start taking precautions.

after reading some post on this site, i did start taking precautions and levels were down to 95/135 levels.

recently i have seen a increase and levels are in range 130/170 ..

I suspect two reason

- in last 1 month of or i think i am not able to sleep for more than 5-6 hours and that with a great difficulty.

- i am working from home these days and may be not moving around that much

but i am more concerned about my sleeping habbits, does it increase the sugar levels and how to control that and have a sound sleep

i generally eat 2 hours before sleep.


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4 Replies

  • thanks for the reply, yeah i am trying to eat all low carbs diets ( but not LCHF) ...

    I am a bit worries meeting a doc or taking medicines as i read at many blogs its difficult to throw away medicines if you start once. Also i think BS is pure diet management and if we do proper exercise, eat right and stay healthy then this can be reversed.

    May be i am wrong but since i am below 200 level i think doctor's bell can be skipped for the time being.

  • Not really wrt going off drugs.

    Diabetics on LCHF diet have gone off drugs even after 20 years of diabetes history. It all depends on how your endogenous insulin production is and how insulin resistant you are.

    200 is too high a number. Following should be your aim:

    FBS ~90's

    PPBS 2 hr - 140 max

    PPBS 2 hr - 120 max

    A1C 5.6 max.

  • Harshka

    may we all know what precautions did you take and what diet did/are you taking 😊

  • frankly speaking i didnt took much pre cautions except reading the carb content on the packets and therefore using products with carbs less < 30% per 100gm or eating less sugar related stuff like no cola, no or less chocolates, no potatoes, more green vegs, furits like blue berry, apples, grapes etc... less alcolhol.

    i tend to eat 60-40 in my plate, where 60% is cooked food and 40% non cooked or salad.

    No red meat only chicken and fish

    more curd and egg whites.

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