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Increase Levels


4 months ago will buying glucose meter for my father i was learning how to use in shop and came to know my level are high enough to start taking precautions.

after reading some post on this site, i did start taking precautions and levels were down to 95/135 levels.

recently i have seen a increase and levels are in range 130/170 ..

I suspect two reason

- in last 1 month of or i think i am not able to sleep for more than 5-6 hours and that with a great difficulty.

- i am working from home these days and may be not moving around that much

but i am more concerned about my sleeping habbits, does it increase the sugar levels and how to control that and have a sound sleep

i generally eat 2 hours before sleep.

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thanks for the reply, yeah i am trying to eat all low carbs diets ( but not LCHF) ...

I am a bit worries meeting a doc or taking medicines as i read at many blogs its difficult to throw away medicines if you start once. Also i think BS is pure diet management and if we do proper exercise, eat right and stay healthy then this can be reversed.

May be i am wrong but since i am below 200 level i think doctor's bell can be skipped for the time being.



may we all know what precautions did you take and what diet did/are you taking 😊


frankly speaking i didnt took much pre cautions except reading the carb content on the packets and therefore using products with carbs less < 30% per 100gm or eating less sugar related stuff like no cola, no or less chocolates, no potatoes, more green vegs, furits like blue berry, apples, grapes etc... less alcolhol.

i tend to eat 60-40 in my plate, where 60% is cooked food and 40% non cooked or salad.

No red meat only chicken and fish

more curd and egg whites.


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