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hypertension/diabetes somewhat controlled ??

hypertension/diabetes somewhat controlled ??

I am 52,on Telmisartan+hydrochlorothiazide for almost a year by now.BP remains 140/95= or so.Metformin 500mg bd.Glucose within desirable limits.HbA1C around 6.2.

Started working in the gym- 2 months- moderate intesity exercises.Determined to cut all the extra fat.94 kg/5 feet 11" . Diastolic pressure still high.Fasting glucose still fluctuates.

Working in a remote Indian state.Recomended veggeis/low carb diet/and so on not readily available.

Antihypertensives to be taken before exercise or not still confusing.?

one bad habbit, still - 3 to 4 ciggrates/day.No alcohol/tea/beverages/junk food'.

Except for Indian spicy -non vegeterian regularly. Fruits,vegetables,multivitamin supplements properly includes in diet.

Well aware of the diet,food habits to be curtailed, yet still rquire motivation and inspiration from that end.

Dr.Prithviraj Singh

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Hi Doc 

I am 40 from Delhi and also suffering from type 2 Diabetes (family history) and bit of high BP problem. taking medicines regularly and maintaining  a healthy lifestyle you can live a better than normal life. 

you are doing good and i would like to appreciate your efforts at this age. you are currently residing in NE India ; so obliviously some problem with getting desired food items but at the same time just think you are inhaling the purest form of air what we are denied in highly polluted big metro cities . 

your weight is slightly higher than recommended so continue to do some regular exercise/walking and if you are non vegetarian just avoid red Meat and include Fish and chicken in your diet (use chicken breast instead of legs/thighs)

U must have heard of Wasim Akram the legendary Fast Bowler from Pakistan but the fact is that he was a diabetic even during his playing carrier but he has never came this thing in his path to stop himself to achieve his dreams. he is an Idol for the fast bowlers and still very active in the cricket arena.

Doing great sir and keep it up

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doc? surprised with ur food and other habit? motivation by whom?u HAVE TO DO THAT FOR OTHERS.



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