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Naturally Preventing and Curing Heart Disease

It is always said that a diabetic should always care for three markers viz.

A  - HBa1c

B  -Blood pressure

C  -Cholesterol

It was one member Cjuan who also knows lot about traditional Chinese medical system said "in TCM, sometimes it is the organ that comes before it - you see, the organs of the body are interconnected, so if your spleen is not working properly, the cause could be the spleen or its mother", which means that the organ that comes immediately before it. This principle is colorfully called the "mother-and-child relationship."

------ >  Heart (mother, fire) ...... > Spleen (child, earth)

------ > spleen (mother) --- > Lungs (child, metal element)"

Hmmm even we see there is interconnection to these A/B/C markers in diabetes.

Even when u are diagnosed as diabetic immediately doctor will prescribe you 'statin' to avoid heart problem.

Guess therefore should treating heart in natural way may eventually be helpful for better sugar control??

I found one nice link... just sharing with you all for comments


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Very funny.

How is spleen mother of lungs?

how treating heart can get better sugar control ?


well.....this is what TCM thinks....

But look at Ayurveda....they also think all ailments are due to imbalance of 'Kapha','Vata','Pitta'

All Ayurveda medicines are based on this principal. Isn't that also funny???

In homeopathy they say like cures like....and the dose they give is such minute....that no modern science believes of any remains of original medicine  in the Homeopathic dilution.

And sure we see there is correlation between HBa1c and BP and Cholesterol.


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