Why inflammation matters for Diabetics

Anti-inflammatory medications might someday be used to lower the risk of certain kinds of disease among diabetics,found a new study,presented at the American Heart Associations High Blood Pressure Research Scientific Sessions 2014 .

In the laboratory ,the researchers studied cultured cells from human aorta,the blood vessels that comes out of the Heart and goes to the rest of the body,they put the cells in a high-glucose environment -----similar to what happens inside a diabetic body and found that without inflammation present,sugar did not enter the cells.And even when glucose was forced in to the cells,the cells were not damaged.

But inflammation changes everything.When researchers added an inflammatory protein called INTERLEUKIN--1-a common marker for inflammation in the body,whether you are diabetic or not-the cell did metabolize the glucose,which kicked of cycle of inflammation. Those effects were blocked once the researchers gave the cells a certain type of anti- inflammatory drug.

"What ( the study authors) said was ,you need inflammation in order for the glucose to do the damage to the cells"explained Mary Ann Baum an,MD, a primary care internist at INTEGRIS Health in Oklahoma City and spokesperson for the American Heart Association (Dr. Baum an was not author on the study) "That could be one of the reasons why in a diabetic,If we can get them to exercise and lose weight,they will have less damage to the cells."

In diabetes care,doctors and patients often focus on reducing blood sugar levels,and though this preliminary research occurred only in cells,it shows how inflammation might play a role,Dr. Baum an said.

That means that controlling blood sugar is not always enough to avoid the cardiovascular disease that sometimes stems from diabetes,and inflammatory drugs may one day be able to help,said study author Carlos SancheZ-Ferrer, a professor of pharmacology at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid in Spain,in a press release.Life style changes can help too -----" We need to reduce the inflammatory environment associated with diabetes" Sanchez -Ferror said. "Changes in life style,such as physical exercise and weight reduction,are important not only,because they reduce blood sugar,but they reduce inflammation too" reference http//time.com/3329225/inflammation-diabetes/

http//newsroom.heart.org/news/inflammation may-be-key-to diabetes-heart disease-link/ preview-------------AHA/ASA Newsroom

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  • From where does the inflammation comes in the body, whether diabetic or non diabetic ?

  • Inflammation is a response of body tissue to injury or irritation characterized by pain and swelling,redness and heat.

    Inflammation&swelling may persist together ,but they are not same.Sometimes there is no swelling but pain only,redness or heat remains there on the effected part of body

    Best Answer--yes both are same---but if you go for more scientific answer,It is basic way in which the body reacts to the infection, irritation or other injury,the key feature being redness,warmth,swelling and pain. Inflammation is now recognized as a type of nonspecific immune response.

  • By itself inflammation is not bad. It is problematic when it becomes chronic.

  • by itself inflamation will not arrive even once.

    unless by biochemical excentricity within the human body. then such an excentricity amounts to disease.

    patliputras query probably is best answered if we say it is the cardiovascular inflamation inside the arteries that is discussed.which in turn is exacerbated by diabetes.

    good luck

  • My question remains from where this inflammation comes in the body to cause cardiovascular disease. How this inflammation starts ?

  • What is inflammation ?what do you mean by " inflammatory drugs may one day be able to help ".

  • read at the bottom . i have answered it.

  • Please read my answer

  • Please read my query is it inflammatory OR ANTI inflammatory drugs which is helpful.

  • @shrisamarth -

    NSAIDS (non steroid anti inflammatory drugs) prescription overdose kills more people in 29 states in USA than car accidents do. Mind you, these are "prescription" based.



    So these bodies of so call experts who keep defending the High Carb Low Fat broken diet will never research for if "CARB" is the issue. Pathetic to say the least, when they willingly are blind and deaf.

    They should be comparing the inflammation makers of diabetics on HCLF and LCHF, but they won't.

  • overdose and under dose also kills,why you are intermingling with high carbs or low carbs,are you agent of some corporate house. No body try to read the blog precisely,just commenting on dotted lines.This is research paper in preliminaries,stages. They have tried in a labor try.Thousands of research papers are published on Diabetes,then how scientific communities are able to develop new medicines to control the disease. lchf and hclf definitions are not new,they have been researched after practicing on rats or some other species in the labor tries,and after successful trial recommended to mankind.Overdose of every thing kills as over speed kills. Where i had mentioned overdose word.Please do not try to twist the writings in the blog.If there is no new research,there will be no advancement in any field.

  • @rksharmakumar

    3 things:

    (1) That was not for you. That was for shirsamarth.

    (2) Experts are prescribing in worlds most advanced country and stats of 29 states. Overdose or underdose is experts' problem. Second link doesn't even talk about overdose.

    (3) Highlighting something is not twisting anything. Try to be a good listener when you post a "early stage" research, instead of finger pointing.

    Not responding to you after this, as you are also one of the persons I am avoiding.

  • Sh.Shrisamarth seems to be correct

  • sharmaji ,

    the high carb is a wrong nomencluture propagated by some people.

    in order to make sense[ high carb or low carb] one has to specify a datum or reference line.

    this datum is either the average carb statistically arrived in healthy people or nutritionally determined.

    it is there.

    the balanced food .

    a wide range of 45 to 65 percent carbs and proteins between 10 to 20 -- and as ada limits the protein intake to absolute maximum of 20 percent.

    naturally fats around 30/35 percent.

    a food regimen is high carb if only it is above the 65 percent.

    and people talking about ADA or WHO as prescribing 'high carb nonsense' is with respect to their own private medical college limited.

    no responsible body on earth or university prescribes high carb ,or high fat or high protein.

    poor knowledge is the basis of twisting --i hope you already know the twist history.

    good luck.

  • may be that in sharmajis presentation there is a sentence error.

    " -----and inflammatory drugs may one day be able to help,said study author---- "it should be anti inflamatory--it looks, going by the essence of the article.

    patliputra is best answered by telling that we are discussing about cardiovascular inflamation as they picked up cells from iorta.

    this research is only the clasic hypothesis proved further.

    that is:

    it is not merely the high glucose in blood but also a predisposition to the particular complication that is under consideration.

    in case of eye kidney, and nerves--how otherwise we will explain.

    cataract , nerve damage, kidney ---- everything comes without


    i had many times pointed out that statistics have proven that diabetes only exacerbates a complication.in other words if you are not prone to the 5 complications , you are not likely to get it.

    address the underlying tendency

    we are out of the disease


    this was quite evident from the DCCT results.


    some interesting matters from the articles quoted by sharmaji.

    1] "Changes in life style,such as physical exercise and weight reduction,are important not only,because they reduce blood sugar,but they reduce inflammation too"

    for keeping inflammation low

    2]The Spanish researchers said that the best ways to lower inflammation if you have diabetes is to lose weight if you need to, and get more exercise. These lifestyle changes can improve your health in many areas. Here are a few more ways you can lower inflammation:

    exercise-healthy-foods-e1401988152791-285x190Eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables every day.

    Make time for deep breathing exercises or meditation to reduce stress.

    Eat less omega-6 (from margarine, baked goods and fried food) and more omega-3 fats (from fish, nuts, avocados, and olive oil).

    Get plenty of high-quality sleep.

    Eat more foods that are high in fiber, like whole grains.

    Try to eat turmeric, basil, chilies, and nutmeg regularly. These spices have been shown to lower inflammation.

  • dear indiacartur

    I am not able to understand what is -e1401988152791-285x190.

    I had one half broken teeth extracted and dentist was of the view that my bones in that area has been affected due to infection. Incidentaly my ESR was always above 50 (1 Hr). After this extraction i had to reduce my analog insulin from 28 units to 20 units.

    Has this got anything to do with rksharmakumar's write up

  • dearKLGK,

    1] after the extraction probably your esr also must have come down,?

    2] a person who finds it necessary to reduce insulin can have many easons


    kidney disease , a cleared infection etc.

    in your case most probably the surgical removal of the tooth cleared an infection you had for a long time.

    on clearing the infecton

    insulin requirement got reduced.

    because while on infection, insulin demand was more.

    the raised esr points to that.

    esr is high in infection , thyroid disease , kidney disease and many many cases[http://health.allrefer.com/health/esr-results.html]

    only a doctor will be able to pin point correctly the cause of this reduced insulin requirement.

    unlike the above

    in kidney disease a reduced insulin demand is observed.

    not the difference . i do not know whether it is relevent in your case.

    a diabetologist can tell.

    in kidney disease insulin requirement falls through kidney's inability to degrade insulin.it is kidney that degrades insulin mostly in general circulation

    and liver in portal circulation.

    some insulin degradation takes place in the target cells also.

    degradation is a continuous process that take place in body.insulin half life is only 5 minutes.

    consult a diabetologist if your kidney function is abnormal.

    or most probably first mentioned tooth infection accounts better.

    sharmajis write up was about inflamation.

    that long number is probably a refference only.

    i could not get back the link wherefrom i got it[the long number],.

    i remember you. we were talking an year or so back ,.how is your life?hope everything ok with you. regards.

    good luck

  • Your explanation is very possible. Infection -- inflammation. Remove infection , inflammation will subside with or without antibiotics.

  • inflamation due to microbes will be cured by antibiotics.

    but an inflamation as in the case of an injury will respond to steroids or nsaids.

    in this case anti biotics are not necessary but many doctors give it as a precaution against an impending infection at the site of injury.

    vascular inflammation is not due to biotics, i mean infection by bacteria etc

    good luck

  • Please never ever think of giving steroids to any case. Keep away from steroids.

  • there are many situations one has to depend on steroids.for example.

    suppose you are having rhematoid arthritis and and almost all your joints are inflamed and the body has actually swelled out.

    steroids only will work.

    the usual order of choice is

    nsaids [otc?] like ibuprofen , then steroids, methotrexate, cyclosporin--- -there is a long list.

    so the recomendation may be- no steroid self medication.

    good luck

  • Sir,you are right, in the last paragraph "That means that controlling blood sugar is not always enough to avoid the cardiovascular disease that sometimes stems from diabetes,and _________anti-inflammatory drugs may one day to able to help,in place of ________________inflammatory drugs.

  • Very informative writings by Sh.Indiacratus ,Thank ful to him.

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