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Drinking whole milk and full-fat dairy products are better

Do you drink milk daily?  Whole milk?  Skim milk?  The recent post by David Gutierrez at Natural News reports interesting research findings about the virtues of whole or full-fat milk and dairy products over low-fat and skim milk. Here's the introductory passage:

"Overturning decades of dietary advice from the medical establishment, new studies are increasingly showing that whole-milk and full-fat dairy products are much better for your health than their low-fat and skim counterparts.

Just this month, studies have come out linking higher consumption of full-fat dairy to lower rates of obesity and to lower rates of diabetes. These findings run contrary to those predicated by conventional dietary wisdom, which says that eating foods higher in fat should produce more obesity and metabolic dysfunction, and thereby also lead to higher rates of type 2 diabetes.

In fact, one study actually suggested that it is the fat itself responsible for previously observed links between dairy consumption and lower diabetes risk."

Read the rest of the article here:


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Many industries have benefitted from this low fat nonsense.... And the losers ... The consumers.. 


An additional step to the process chain - charmingly worded as 'value-added' (skim milk),  and that is how the price gets marked up too.

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