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Drugs banned

On 10th March, 2016, the government banned the use of fixed dose combination drugs produced by several companies.

The list of drugs that may go off the chemists’ shelves:

1.Procter and Gamble (P&G): Vicks Action 500 Extra

2.Abbott: Cough Syrup Phensedyl, Tossex and triple combination diabetes drug Tribet

3.Cipla: Triple combination diabetes drug Triexer most impacted

4.Pfizer: Cough Syrup Corex

5.Lupin: Triple combination diabetes drug Gluconorm most impacted

6.Wockhardt: Zedex cough syrups, Ace Proxyvan impacted

7.Glenmark: Most of the impact is on account of Ascoril range of cough syrups

8.Ipca: Zerodol P (Paracetamol + Aceclofenac)

9.Sun Pharma: The most impacted is triple anti diabetes combination drug Gemer P (Meltformin + pioglitazone + glimeperide)

10.Alkem: Sumo (Nimesulide + Paracetamol) and Taxim AZ (Azithromycin + Cefixime)

11.Mankind: The impact is spread across multiple products

12.Macleods: Panderum

Some of the drugs used by diabetics are included in the above ban.

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Thanks ji I have been following your blog in this forum


I use diabetic drug , Zoryl M 2, Mopaday M 2 , Fenolip 145. Please tell me weather these drugs are banned or not.


Mopaday M 2 seems to have been banned of the three


Are you sure fenolip is a diabetic drug?


It seems not. Indications is Hyperlipidaemias and constituent is Fenofibrate


Sorry. My question has inadvertently reached you. Actually, it should have gone to elenjickan. It is my mistake.


Many of them have got stay orders form High court,on the plea that these drugs did not harmed anybody for the last 30 years.Government have banned them before listening them.


Most of experienced member Arunkumar pointed out his previous discussion combination drugs is noyt good. Each medicine has workout different way Sulfunalurea drug help to produce the insulin metformin will work to cut the sugar in food and small quantity from liver and pioglitazone works to re duce the sugar level from liver. So combination of 3 or2 drug not work satisfacgtorily. So by taking each tablet in separatley is good

But most of the Doctors prescribed 2 or 3 combinationdrug to the patients.

Now what happens so much drugs metformin+ pioglitazone and metformin + glimepride + pioglitazone also banned

It is better to patients they must reuested to Doctors to given separate tablets ven he prescribed combination drugs.

Further metformin is safest drug for diabetic and next one is vabligose. So it is better to adjust these two tablets in separatley is good

Any further guidlines and opinion from the members about drugs and dosagesdetail may share which to be helpfulto the membes whoare prescribed combination drugs


Any combination drug for HBP Beta blockers and calcium channel blocker also banned If so please mentionin detail


The drug companies have got stay orders form High courton the plea that these have not harmed anybody for the last thirty years,and govt. have banned without listening theirs side.


I work for pharma industry. Personally believe that these are knee jerk reactions.

Now we need these combinations as there are economical and also reduces pill burden.

Also the issue are that many pts don't want any dietary restrictions. They want to enjoy all foods.

Also the ADA recommended diet will not help in long run.

Hence we need these combinations.

This ban will only lead to taking the drugs separately thereby increasing the pills and costs.

I personally believe in LCHF and am just controlled with metformin 500 BID

For my sugar levels I cannot be controlled with the above drugs alone.

Probably if I was ignorant I would have been Rxed one.

But that's how it is.


You will see the newer drugs will come with different names,how many govt.can ban?


But they have banned the combination. There are about 300 combination with their generic names


India is not exception from the pharma mafia


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