On the back of a comment I made yesterday and a link to Space Doc (Duane Graveline) this dropped into my inbox today. Anthony Colpo may not be everybody's cup of tea with regard to his rather robust use of language, but there is no denying he is a superb and thorough researcher.

If nothing else is should spark interest in that there is a PROVEN link between statin use and T2 diabetes (Google it) :

One day when the diet/heart hypothesis is finally laid to rest, statins will be consigned to the dustbin of history along with hundreds of so called miracle drugs that have killed hundreds of thousands:

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  • Statins are modern medicine's best organized SCAM.

    Some "great" whizkid wanted Statins to be added to drinking water supplies and some doctor wanted it to be given "free like ketchup" in all fast food joints (obliviously nothing comes free).

    Statin Cheerleader -- Sir Rory Collins -- isn't giving data on side effects of statins to Dr Aseem Malhotra for analyzing and says only he will anlayze. Money involved. $$$ motivated Science -- SCAM is thy name :)

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