Here's another example of the blindingly obvious presented to us by the 'experts':


Here they inform us that lowering carbohydrate (also known as glucose) is a good idea for those who cannot process glucose normally.

Well, No S*** Sherlock!

Can’t wait for them to clear up the saturated fat controversy!


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2 Replies

  • Arun Kumar, a diabetic with 25 years of diabetic history and a usere here, has gone off Glimi and Pioz after being on LCHF diet. And, all of us on LCHF eat lot of SATURATED FAT for years :)

    Recently, a working-and-diabetic Indian lady weighing 105 kg went off two drugs after switching to LCHF on Dec 20 and she has lost 7Kg weight too so far. Her colleagues at workplace are zapped :) :) Posting link here as it is allowed once in ten posts:


  • At least some inraods made..

    As said by you Mike.. Let's wait till they change the view abt saturated fats.

    So more diabetics and non diabetics can benefit.

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