If you have been following government guidelines and have been basing your diet largely on 'heart healthy' grains etc (carbohydrate) and at the same time have taken on board the dire warnings of consuming saturated fat, then probably you are wondering why are you fat and sick.

So, here's the question:

You are a farmer and want to fatten your geese, cattle and pigs ready for market, how do you do it?

You remove them from their natural environment and artificially feed them CARBOHYDRATE!

Still puzzled?


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  • 600 kcal carb loaded low fat diet gets digested in ~2 hrs = 300 kcal/hr energy created and this is not ON DEMAND energy. Since we barely consume 120kcal/hr while awake, 180 kcal gets converted to fat -- elevating triglycerides in blood whch is the real fat that causes damages.

    600 kcal of high fat diet takes 4 hrs to digest = 150 kcal/hr. So delta is just 30 kcal per hour as against 180 kcal per hr on CARB loaded diet.

    faster digestion == higher spikes and crashes == higher hunger pangs on CARB loaded diet. This is an explanation in layman terms.

    Mainstream's so called nutritionists/dietitians/experts are making fool of people as they get money to do so and that's why they peddle HIGH CARB LOW FAT nonsense.

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