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control of diabetes

I am a diabetic type2 for the past 17 years and my age 60.pls do not avoid taking medication as prescribed by doctors. certainly the additional benefits by yoga and walking , and exercising will help your body to shed calories and yoga will help to synchronise body and mind.

there is no absolute certainty in any pathy(alo, homeo etc) for curing DM2.may b except ganapathy, that too doubtful,becaz,this is not a disease and only metabolic malfunction.caused by the pancreatic cells.may b some time nano technology treatment may in future will go to cell level and correct the protein resiatance.

stopping for the time being , will comeback.

wish you for good control of BS and attendant complications.

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In fact what takes place in homeopathic cure is cell repair only .Since homeopathy is not that lucrative right now ,really intelligent , committed and

service oriented people are not coming forward to do the needful in the profession of homeopathy.


you are right sir.

that is why homeo is successful as a part time job.for lively hood have a job and service through homeo with whatever income it gives.

for my pripheral neuropathy problem I am taking pregamet 75 which is cobalamin-b12 capsules one at night .gives bit relief. no other relief avl in alopathy .

when I started using homeo medicine like alfalfa tonic with gensing and damia plant,and applying pure castoroil on the burning skin area ,having great relief. may b tried by affected persons .this is only a suggestion.

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you can try Gingkobiloba and Ashwagandha,Alfalfa all in mother tincture, 5 drops each in a cup of boiled and cooled water , for a relief which is rather permanent ,with out any side effects. sINce it is reiterated by all the stallworths that diabetes can be controlled but not cured permanently , there need not be any hype and over expectation in the treatment of the disorder but definitely relief is great from the burning and numbness with these homeopathic preparations of medicinal herbs.


i stronly believe that a constitutional cure is possible even in case of diabetes , if a real effort is put by a good homeopathic doctor ,with out any profit motive since it is a job of committment


hi what is BGR34


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