Diabetic at 33 age

Hi all I am pavan recently I came to I am diabetic with fps 245 and ppl 489 my doc suggest Gaius met 50/500 after 15 days my fp 76 and ppl 96 came down I further used 15 days I and fps 96 and pp is 106 can u please suggest do I need to continue medicines and can I with to homeopathy or avurvede medicines.one more 1day I forgot to take medicines on that day I was urinating continues and I am not having any thirsty can u plz let me know what is the cause of it.expecting suggestion and guideness for a happy and healthy life.advanced thanks


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  • Well, if you go back to doing what you did before you will get the same result and have a high risk of complications from the high blood glucose levels. However, the best way to lower your blood glucose is to understand how much carbohydrate is in your food, and lower the amount to between 100g and 150g per day. You will then be able to reduce your medication in consultation with your doctor.

  • Hi concerned thanks for prompt response ok i will do the same but when could I stop medications and lead normally life as long lasting medicines may lead to many complications and also can I shift to homeopathy or avurvede in future plz suggest

  • Right!

  • Hi alwaysoptimistic Can u plz elaborate "right" as I don't get u.thanks in advance

  • Dear Pavan_2511,it for what Concerned (an experienced & knowledgeable person) has replied to you.

  • Change of diet & shifting to ayurveda may do wonders. But frequent monitoring of sugar levels is necessary while shifting.

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