Blood insulin and Fasting insulin

There are so much different opinion in blood insulin and fasting insulin most of the persons think if the blood insulin is higher level then FBS or PPBS became above the normal value

Doctors also says that after either oral drugs or insulin taken person must taken the food within 30 minutes So well known members may please share your knowledge and also your experience about insulin and blood insulin

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  • Actually it is the other way round (in Type 2).

    When PPBS/FBS starts turning out higher, it's pretty commonplace that residual insulin in blood will be higher. At the end of the day, the bottom line remains one -- get rid of insulin resistance. Mainstream can hardly achieve that and that's why drugs keep increasing as time passes.

    Most doctors (99./100) don't even bother ever to test fasting insulin, whereas that should be one of the first tests to go for once detected Type 2 diabetic. Why would they bother, after all their idea is to push insulin levels still higher -- ie try to douse flame by poring petrol over it.

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