Thank you very much dear colleagues/friends/admins

Thank you very much dear colleagues/friends/admins

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed!

That is what a proverb says. Thank you very much ALL dear colleagues/friends for your support extended to get my account reinstated. Names are avoided; else others may get hurt unnecessarily. (I have the names of all those members who raised voice in support of me).

THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN. Good night & sweet dreams.

"Lookaa samasthaa sukhinoo bhavanthu." "Love thy neighbour as thyself."


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60 Replies

  • Thank you @ragivrao.

  • Welcome back.

  • Thank you @patliputra.

  • Welcome sir n thanks for comming back to the forem

  • Thank you @bshindepatil11. It is bringing back!

  • Sir very very happy to see you on the site . Just casually logged in today and was happy to see your post. Thanks and expect to see your noble service to mankind in future. God bless you as you are a asset to the society.

  • Thank you @seemap. Very glad of your good words. Thanks to the prayers.

  • George, let me make it clear for you that ,the last line in your post, the English quote is not translation of Sanskrit quote. Both have very different meaning.

  • You are very much right, sir. Former is a prayer or wish but latter is a command or instruction.

  • welcome sir

  • Thank you @sanrpt.

  • Welcome sir we are very happy to see your post we need your valuable advice for ever. Most of us are following your advice and getting good results. We post our results soon so that we can get good advice. I thank the admn of this forum .

    Thank you very much

  • Thank you @drvrkmurthy. Glad to know that many are following LWMDR and getting good results. The admins have done a good job.

    Now that many are able to produce good results make me more at peace because LWMDR will not perish with me any more.

    If you 20 teach 20 each, there will be 400 (+ you 20) experts. If the 400 teach 20 each, there will be 8000 (+ 420) experts. In no time there will be millions of experts. That will make a healthier & happier society.

  • Really great.I know great thoughts originate and survive only in great minds!

  • A great observation.

  • George Sir, welcome back! Our efforts finally paid off!!

  • Thank you @Babulog. Yes, you all brought me back!!

  • Dear George Sir welcome back to our forum pl continue giving invaluable guidance to diabetic community. Pl concentrate on u r followers instead of getting distracted by others. Thank u once again

  • Thank you @kprk. It is a very good advice. Will try to do so. But very difficult to distinguish the odd ones. Any how will try my best.

  • Welcome back George sir

  • Thank you @shyam2876.

  • welcome back.

  • Thank you @nairrajis.

  • I heartily welcome you,gentleman-Mr ShooterGeorge!In fact,i missed you a lot.Please do continue your support to all needy people in the forum!

  • Thank you @alwaysoptimistic for all the good words.

  • A very warm welcome to you

  • A big thank you to @basudev.

  • welcome back sir...

  • Thank you @debashischaudhury ...

  • Welcome back to the society and thanks for your thoughts


  • Thank you @suji for the nice greeting.

  • Welcome back Mr. George.

  • Thank you @Wynad.

  • Thank you @arunkumar3112.

  • Welcome back Sir!

  • Thank you @dialife.

  • Sir,it's my pleasure to feel that you r there for everyone who wants yr advice. Most welcome !!!!!!!!

  • Thank you @arunima for your pleasant feelings.

  • Welcome back Mr Shooter George. Thank God.

  • Thank you @vigeorge48. Praise The Lord.

  • Thanks George for return.Karim

  • Thank you @makarim for bringing me back.

  • TO ALL:

    As one member pointed out rightly (in my absence) "no one is indispensable". So prepare yourself to carry the torch on. If I could understand & share this much, others can do much more for sure.

  • look forward to ur valuable advise &presence

  • Thank you @hdas.

  • Hearty welcome to George sir.

  • Thank you very much @Dhananjaya.

  • Good to learn that you are back again....thank you for your goodness and God bless you sir....

  • Thank you @Hanumantha for the good feeling & prayers. May God bless you also in abundance.

  • Welcome back George sir. So glad to see you back!! :)

  • Thank you @pragyac90. I am also glad to be amidst you! :-)

  • I am also happy to be with you all @gphilip.

  • its really great to see u back again. missing u n ur advice

  • Thank you @Amit2175.

  • WOW.. Welcome back sir!!!

    At least admin admitted your presence is much required for the followers & understand the value of your advice.

    Welcome back sir again.



  • Hi Amit,

    My activities were disturbed for some time. Sorry for the delay in responding. Thank you for the solidarity.



  • Welcome back to this forum Sir, Actually I was not taking any interest in this forum when I came to know about your absence. Anyway now I am very pleased to see you back. Your guidance and advice is very precious to us.


    Ranjeet Kumar

  • Thank you @rankx001. Sorry for the delay in responding.


  • Thank you @jaisinghk1. Your solidarity warms & strengthens me. Sorry for the delay.

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