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For George Sir - Jau and Javi

For George Sir - Jau and Javi

Dear Sir George,

I have been very keenly reading your experience both at Health Unlocked and appropedia.org/. I have not been able to start LWMR because I was not able to understand what is Long wheat in Punjab. Now researching I have come to conclusion it is jau (barley) not javi (oats). Please correct me if I am wrong I am attaching two pictures with husk. Long grain is javi and short and fat grain is jau. Please confirm which one to use. Another problem I am facing is not able to find flour mill which ca take out grain and not flour out of this. Jau with husk is easliy available in Punjab, Kharar grain market, Mohali phase 5 Garg kiryana store, Sector 26 Chandigarh grain market. Jau and Javi is mainly used to feed cattle in Punjab.Looks Like only one photo can be attached one time. I am attaching jau. I will write another post just attaching photo of Javi

Will be very thankful for your kind guidance.


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