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need help

The digestive issue commenced after taking antibiotics for 2 months, approximately 5 years ago.

My ignorance on taking antibiotics resulted to my current state of health condition. I was not informed by dermatologist the side effects of antibiotics, nor was I regarded after having symptoms to consult my doctor or refer online to check for side effects. My negligence later impacted my life. During the time of medication I was eating unhealthy food, protein shakes, lot of yeast contained food like bread, buns, etc. As you know antibiotics kills both good and bad flora in our digestive track. Without my awareness I was introducing more bad bacteria into my system with all the unhealthy food I was eating. Initial symptoms were bloating, gas, and loose stool. Later I experienced tinkling feeling throughout my body few minutes after eating food. I began to smell bad, I never experienced this. Through all four seasons I had this problem. Close to one year of this on going problem, I consulted with my family doctor, but he wasn't sure either. I checked for parasite, but it wasn't parasite. Then I checked with a gastroenterologist. I explained the few symptoms I had at the beginning which were bloating, abdominal ache, loose stool and sweating. Without properly diagnosing he hypothetically claims I have IBS due to stress. I bought his word and took the prescription pill for a year for IBS (Irritable bowl syndrome) and Lactase which only helped for food intolerance. I was not content with the results I was getting because I still had odor problem. After 3 years, I was fed up, so I initiated to do some research online, I found out I had symptoms pertained to Candida or SIBO. I had the following symptoms: abdominal ache, bloating, loose clouded stool, oral thrust, acne, fatigue, shortness of breath, poor memory, brain fog, mood swing, anxiety and depression, strong craving for sugar and carbohydrates, sweating--due to leaky gut--caused by food intolerance, dandruff, itchy scalp, and hair loss. So i began with the trial and error of cutting down on carbohydrates, eliminated refined sugar products and processed/junk food from my diet. Concurrently, I started taking strong potent of probiotics and candi-enzymes, oregano oil, pau-d-a'rco oil, and tried other natural remedies, but I later down the road I began to realize this will not be effective unless I completely eliminate carbohydrates and sugar from my diet. It is nearly impossible for me to survive without carbs--with the energy it supplies-- and be active. I have tried consulting another doctor, he does not believe I have Candida. He has referred me to a gastroenterologist for the second week of July this year. I can't wait to hear this gastroenterologist's perspective. Doctors here are not identifying the root of the problem, instead they are chasing to fix the symptoms which is only temporary. I am losing hope on doctors here. Its better to visit Kerala for ayurvedic treatment.

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It is not possible to render any real help on a forum like this, but I personally opine that you should go for a course of detoxification at a naturopathy clinic.After seeing the results,you can go for fresh consultation with a reliable doctor.Any good gastroenterologist can fix your problem.Please treat this as a layman's suggestion.


Dear friend! First let me say SORRY for your present state of your health Now let me tell U I don't have any background of medical knowledge However let me share my experience with U Normally any kind of English medicine does have side effect of one kind or the other IN some cases alternative kinds of medicines also do have side effects-visible and invisible And the important aspect of the issue is that previously I used to take only English medicines And thereafter I realized that though English sometimes do act as life saving drugs would invariably have side effects if not now at least in the long run Now I have been taking herbal /Ayurvedic medicines almost for all my ailments including for my sugar complaint why and how? My simple answer is this-most of the ingredients included in the Herbal/ ayurved are of natural and eatable ingredients only with some exception of some minerals LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST-THIS LIFE IS NOT MEANT FOR BEING COMFORTABLE THIS LIFE ITSELF IS A STRUGGLE(LORD BUDDHA) HENCE PLEASE RISE TO THE OCCASION AND ALWAYS TRY TO BE ACTIVE WHETHER THE OCCASION DEMANDS IT OR NOT IN OTHER WORDS U HAVE NOT RIGHT TO FEEL YOURSELF COMFORTABE REMAINING WITHOUT MOVEMENT OF LIMBS THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RICHES WHETHER U AGREE OR NOT HEALTH HAS AN INHERENT CONNECTION WITH MIND PLEASE KEEP YOUR MIND ALWAYS CLEAN AND TYR TO BE TOO MUCH SELF CENTRED AND BE COMPASSIONATE TOWARDS OTHERS PARTICULARLY TOWARDS THOSE OF LESSER FORTUNATE LOT


Why don't you take treatment for candidiasis. It is very simple.Fluconazole 100mg.once in day for 10-14day. It will certainly not harm you.It may help you.


You can have acupressure treatment along with other treatments as it is supposed to be harmless. Take the treatment from some expert and with proper guidance like gaps between food and treatment.



I suggest you read ajit vadakayils post or may be you can ask him about your current situation.



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