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Brand Vs Generic

Hi all,

I just want to know if anyone has tried generic instead of brand medication and any difference noted in blood sugar levels.

Of course, generic are cost effective but do they have same efficacy as brand ?

I am taking Amaryl M1 (brand) and the generic for the same is GM-SR1 by Psychotropics India Limited which is available at Jan Aushadhi (an Initiative of Government of India).

Just wanted to discuss before opting for it.

Price for brand is Rs. 78/10 tablets whereas generic costs Rs. 20/10 tablets.

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I hve tried and it works. But the best solution would be to buy the generic medicine and try for 2-3 days and check the PP BS levels.


generic is nothing but a remedy or medicine with a specification of physical property of that medicine Metfromin is the medicinal content and is the generic name except verifying the strength of it like 250mg,500mg etc and generic medicines are much more cheaper and it work well as well.But buy genuine Generic medicines. It is the medicine/s that gets you the relief not the wrapper on it with the brand name.It is a very good question and saves lots of money once you know the truth behind it.The entire world and its people are yawning for a cure for diabetics and nothing near genuine has come so far and most of it are only palliative and controls it and the medical kingdom flourishes with more than thousands and crores and hence be assured there is no cure for sure at the nearest future.


All These medicines are same I am using since long and work very well.


Thanks for the help buddies.


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