Tresiba -- Rejected By FDA and Selling In India?

Tresiba -- a long acting insulin -- has been turned down by FDA so it is expected that it will release in the US only in 2016/2017:

Are you on this long acting Insulin?

Question you doctor and experts with the above link for reference. No use trusting blindly. Always do your research.

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  • It costs at least twice the presently available products.For that reason, I do not think it will take off in India.It is approved in EU,Japan etc and launched in India in Jan 14.

  • But how come it is being prescribed when it isn't approved by FDA? It isn;t approved in entire EU IIRC

  • There are a few drugs in the indian market ,which are not approved by fad but approved by drug controller General ,India. Why wanting to be first approved by fad ?

  • "Why wanting to be first approved by fad ?"

    It is FDA no FAD.

  • Typing mistakes do happen but ? Mark stands.

  • Mistakes happen ONCE but not TWICE in same post.

  • I already said mistakes do happen. No need to remind twice.still,thanks.

  • Ok. Since you did not answer my query earlier, don't expect me to answer your query. It's a give-and-take and you just can't be asking all the time. If it's a diatribe, I will ignore it completely.

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