Glimipride tablets

Most of Doctors recomonded to the T2 patients sunfunal ureadrugs mainly Glimipride 1 or 2 mg with metoformin composition. or metoformin Sr 5oo mg + Glimipride 1 or 2 mg combined combination in one tablets. most of them says that Glimipride is goodtablet than othersulfunalurea drugs and it works good as other tablets Any expereinced and practically observed members may please share your opinion and Pros and Cons of Glimipride tablets

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  • I also take Glimipride 2 mg before breakfast and Metformin 500 mg after breakfast.But I also take 500 mg Metformin one each after lunch & dinner and insulin detemir 12 units before going to bed.

  • R u taking insulin also ? Can u please share your blood test FBs PPBS and HBA1C recently tested ?

  • glimepiride is supposed to be better

    than the famous gliburide/[glibenclamide]

    in many ways.

    less hypoglycemia,

    less weight gain;

    rapid onset of action.


    it is considerd a second generation sulphonylurea [or the first of the third generation].

    it does the same thing as gliburide in increasing the insulin release from beta cell vesicles .

    [[ by increasing the calcium ion influx into the cell.]]

    but there are differences,

    as such the better effects given above,

    good luck

    note .

    kindly excuse.

    i have edited my first response .

    there was a small mistake.

    the following is only for

    those who are curious in the mechanism of action please:

    the sequence is :

    1]the sulphonylurea receptor binding

    2]an increase in membrane potential-

    3]opening of voltage-dependent calcium channels -

    4this increases calcium concentrations inside the cell

    5]which triggers exocytosis of insulin=insulin dispelled from the vesicles ,reaches the blood.

  • I am also taking glimipride and metforming 1 mg combination tablet 1 morning and 1 evening since 2011.sugar level 85 empty stomach and 175 mg/dl after lunch.this my experience. You can decide after Dr,s advice.

  • I think 175 after PPBs is some more ? What your Doctor says ? What your diet and HBA1C Can u please share and what the advise of Doctor?

  • Dear mr.nataraj 175 is not always. Max.reading upto that level. And my HBA1C result is excellent. Dr.says dont worry.

  • why is this spelling change?

    the generic name is GLIMEPIRIDE.

    is it that glimipride a combination tablet?

  • INDIACRATUS Yes generic name is GLIMEPRIDE BUT GENERALLY ALL ARE SAYS THAT GLIMIPRIDE Above your full comment posted is good one and accepted . Iam now stoped Glynase MF and taking gliclide 80mg 1-1 and metoformin ( Glycomate SR 500 mg 1-1) i want to stop the gliclide 80 mg and start Glimepride 1 mg What is your opinion ?

    Further whatever medicine taken the diet is main necessary Without proper diet and proper life style ( Walking o rexcersise )

  • Gliclizide is safest of all sulphonylurea drugs.

  • really very good article

  • Gliclazide 80mg butglimepride 1 or 2mg is Gliclazide 80 mg 2 times is not highewr dose / Doctors says that it is upto 320 mg per day may be consumed ? Clarify

  • It depends on individual's condition how much dose the person can tolerate. One may have some side effects at higher doses. Not everyone can be prescribed maximum recommended dosage.

  • dear nataraj,

    all sulphonylureas do not behave similarly.

    although their ultimate purpose is to get an exocytosis of insulin.

    this is because of the differences in the binding sites.

    also each drug has a slightly different action profile. i mean the blood glucose versus time graph.

    for eg.

    that is how

    hypoglycemia is less in glimepiride compared to the older drug gliburide [daonil] which ruled the scene for many years.

    only a diabetologist can

    can tell you which one is best for you.

    dont take note of the 2mg-80 mg situation.

    because these dose is calculated when a drug is

    developed by the pharmacologists,not the doctor.

    depending on its effect on the tissue, pharmacokinetics, half life [clearence] and so on....many things.

    as a general rule we can consider the maximum dose and initial,usual dose, the

    the pharmacologist mentions.that is what the doctor tells--as 320.

    this usual dose and maximum dose we can varify from the MIMS.

    but remember these drugs are designed to lock on to

    SUR receptor 1,2 and the like.

    at which other places they attach with out our intension is that which causes primarily the side effects----not merely the dose as such.

    in general,

    the doctor relies on the pharmacologist's recommendation and we are to follow the doctor.

    if we are in doubt of the competence or the honesty of a doctor ,

    the only alternative is to go for another doctor ,= a second opinion, and of course present our side effects profile if any.

    and about the diet:

    no one says the diet is unimportant


    the learned scientists who discovered all these

    medicines -

    what they say?

    they say

    go for a balanced and calorie limited diet where everything gets automatically counted.

    do you know there is a degree course called Msc nutrition.?what does it mean?

    nutritional knowledge is so extensive that an mbbs md doctor cannot study!!!!

    if he go for studying all that he will take 14 years to leave the medical college. where is then time forDM or mch.

    when i was studying

    philosophy of modern mathematics

    i came across a sentence.

    POICARE was the last all rounder in mathematics.

    and POINCARE lived in the 19th century.

    hope you know why i brought this example.

    good luck

  • Indiacratus , Sri samarth and Gangadarn nair all your comments aregood and useful

    For r diet Indiacratus ent is good and useful As a diabetic persons at any circumstances cannot leave the dietary plan everyday and also do not keep Doctos out for consultation. and do not neglect their suggestion. now ther are so many Doctors and specialists avilable So no Doctors cannot misguided

    Doctors always says to take nutritional diets In Ayurveda they also says eat one portion grain 2 portion vegitables and one portions fruit curd and butter milk and remaining one portion left free donot eat more only sufficient meals only consumed . of course carb contain heavy sugar but it is digestible to all persons even diseases persons and oldage persons For diabetic persons to restrict the sugar content items to least amount and after take guidance of Doctors is good one Thanks to all members

  • good combination

  • good combination

  • Glimepiride is used along with diet and exercise, and sometimes with other medications, to treat type 2 diabetes (condition in which the body does not use insulin normally and, therefore, cannot control the amount of sugar in the blood). Glimepiride lowers blood sugar by causing the pancreas to produce insulin (a natural substance that is needed to break down sugar in the body) and helping the body use insulin efficiently. This medication will only help lower blood sugar in people whose bodies produce insulin naturally.


  • This forum is doing an excellent jobs. I appreciate all the members sharing their information to others. This is really a noble attitude. Thanks to the members & forum.

  • Jshp 2013 This forum is very good one and example for posting any thing in freely All members were post their opinions and expereince in this forum it may useful so many members also

  • I am DM type II ,from last six yrs. Since cleared T II, am taking Gp2+MF500, 1-0-1 daily. except 1/2 times ,I am observing BS lvl bellow 150 mgdl. It is working good for me

  • i am taking 4mg glimpride before breakfast & 500mg metformine after breakfast. also

    500mg metformine one each after lunch and dinner. the suger level is under control

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