Troubled Sleep

I am diabetic since 2000 taking Novomix 30 - 14 units/10 units morning/night. Besides this, Gemer 1 mg & Voglibose 0.3 mg in the morning and night, Vildaglitin 50 mg and Voglibose 0.3 mg after lunch, Ramapril 5 mg night. Iam aged 64 and having a weight of 83 kgs. My FBS level is 110 to120 and PPBS level is more than 240 after 2 hours, 160 after three hours and 120 afetr four hours and became hypo after five to six hours. My problem is troubled sleep. I usually go to bed at 10 pm and will fall asleep till 11.30 pm

Thereafter I gets only troubled sleep till 5.30 am (Insomnia). What is the remedy. Pl help

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  • dear ammu,

    one of the fundamental principle in medical treatment is to correct the lifestyle, if it is out.

    that is how nature cure works, at least in some people.

    in your case let us see

    if you are over weight.

    ,for that,

    please give your height as well.

    an attempt to correct this blood sugar has to be done first.

    for that let us see weight -height,

    exercise level

    your psychology condition etc are to be adjusted.

    sleep will be disturbed if blood sugar is disturbed.

    you have good fbs,

    ppbs can be corrected by carb counting and dose correction.

    and the 5 hour hypo corrected with choice and quantity of food.let us not give up hope. be confident.there are many right thinking persons in this forum. they will all help you.

    good luck,

  • Too much medication. Please consult an experienced diabetologist immediately.

  • disturbed sleep is something that cancause any trouble.

    1] one line of happening may be high glucose disturbs sleep and sleepless night in turn spoils everything.

    2]another possibility is you are disturbed psychologically-un able to sleep-events in life,

    then sleepless nights cause even overweight, hormonal

    imbalance,irritant character etc

  • You are right,but I think he is going into depression due to high level of circulating glucose.That is why I have suggested a second opinion.

  • no comments.

    anyhow, second opinion is advisable.

    good luck.

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