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LCHF & protein

LCHF is more difficult than I thought. It needs careful counting. The intake of proteins must be in the right proportion. Too much and you smell bad, too little and again you smell bad due to the body using the protein of your muscles, or eating up your muscles.

So how much is too much and how much is too little?

How many spoons of oil? Butter? Ghee?

How many grams of protein?

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I share this dilemma with you.Problem is,there is hardly any dish with out either protein or carbohydrates along with fat,since fat is primarily used as a cooking medium.We also need several vitamins and minerals and adequate fiber.Eating fat as it is ,is not an option.Even cheese is rich in protein.

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your body will tell you how much needed. When i take more fat my body give symptoms. closely watch. My policy is count carbs and protin and eat fat to control hunger. that means minimum fat that your body requires.


Still, how do we know the calories from fat, carbohydrate and protein in a plantain stem thoran with green gram, coconut and plantain stem and mustard crackled in coconut oil?

It is not easy to compare percentages as one teaspoon of coconut oil contains many times the calorie value of the same quantity of rice.

There is no standard menus. Or if it is there, it is restricted to chickn and cheese which is measurable. But most of our foods are not so clearly demarcated.

I am restricting carbs, gone back to using ivy gourd and use long wheat.


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