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How to Get Rid of Diabetes!

How Alcohol Reverses Your Diabetes!...if you wish to skip this article and see direct detailed information on how to...go here:


Holidays, celebration, night outs... woo hoo!... can you ever

imagine exactly how your life will be without ALCOHOL??!


No wine even??

Oh hell nooooooo...

Would you be darned if you`re going to give up what may seem

like one of the few pleasures you have left: DRINKING??!

(Watch how this guy *amazingly* reversed his diabetes

eating & drinking whatever he want, whenever he wanted):


Whether it be green beer at the bar on St. Patrick`s day, a

champagne toast at your daughter`s wedding, or a glass of

wine at dinner with friends, alcohol may be the hardest

"food" for people with diabetes to manage because social

drinking is such a pervasive part of our society.

Don’t fear, despite alcohol’s tarnished reputation in the health

industry and also the hangovers it does to you, you’ll be

surprised how this little pleasure can help in your daily

control of diabetes.

Having diabetes does not prevent the consumption of alcohol

drinks but there are some things you need to consider:-

1. Alcohol promotes the uptake of blood glucose into liver

glycogen causing a drop in blood sugar.

Yes you did read correctly. Moderate/light drinking of

alcohol can reduce short term blood sugar as alcohol inhibits

your liver to produce excess glucose.

However, this doesn’t mean you can finish 3 bottles of wine

in a night!...The key here is moderation and stick to your

limits…a general guide would be no more than 3 drinks a

day (for men) and 2 drinks (for women).

Some drinking should be allowed but be cautioned if you’re

taking medication (oral and insulin) as alcohol lowers blood

sugar which may cause hypoglycemia, AND the symptoms of

drunkenness and being hypo is unmistakably similar.

Oh yeah, some moderate drinking is supposedly good for the

heart and also raises good cholesterol as some studies have


2. Many alcoholic drinks contain sugar, particularly mixed drinks.

You see, many do not realise different types of alcohol

have a different response to your blood sugar as some alcohol

beverages may have higher carbohydrate content that others

(such as beer).

In addition, drinks such as bourbon are usually mixed with

sweet mixers such as cola and syrups which are high in sugar

and therefore raising your blood sugar.

Many cocktails do contain sugary sodas such as Coke, Dr Pepper,

syrups such as grenadine and fruit juice.

3. Diabetics must remain sober enough to care for themselves

(perform injections on schedule, medication etc).

It is not advisable to drink on an empty stomach for diabetics

and not immediately upon ingestion of medication. Safe bet

would be to drink AFTER meals and several hours AFTER taking


DO NOT substitute meals with alcohol.

Also, do be very cautious with alcohol if you are on insulin

injections as excess insulin with presence of alcohol in

the bloodstream will mop up the glucose faster and may

cause hypo.

4. Excess alcohol consumption can cause increased serum


Alcohol is broken down in triglycerides upon being metabolized.

As you know, triglycerides are the bad fats in your blood

responsible for clogging your arteries and causing fatty liver.

5. You should also check your blood glucose before you go to

bed to make sure it is at a safe level -- between 100 and 140

mg/dL. If your blood glucose is low, eat something to avoid a

low blood sugar reaction while you sleep.

6. Drink plenty of water! Water helps your body replace lost

fluids (dehydration) from drinking alcohol.

It also depends on what kind of alcohol you are drinking.

Here are what's acceptable in MODERATION:

- Red wines.

- Dry or medium-dry white wines.

- Dry sherries.

- Dry light beers (lagers, light ales fermented with low residual


- Spirits (whiskey, gin, vodka, etc) with "diet" mixers.

The following has to be taken in extreme caution due to

high sugar content:

- Sweet wines or sherries.

- Ports.

- Heavy or dark sweetened beers (stout, porters, etc which have

high residual sugar).

- Wine coolers.

- Spirits with normal mixers.

- Cocktails.

- Liqueurs.

This as well -- extreme caution due to very high alcohol


- Neat (undiluted) spirits.

Rules to follow:

- Simple drinks (wine, beer) are more reliable than complex mixed

drinks, especially in company where you have less control over

the contents or concentration.

- Drink with or after food to avoid hypo problems.

- Approach anything with caution if you are in doubt.

- Low alcohol beers are not necessarily preferred - many of them are

rather sweet.

- Alcohol provides about 7 cal/g of food energy. Some is lost in the

urine, but most is converted by the liver into forms which can

be used for energy elsewhere in the body or stored as fat.

Another problem with a Diabetic consuming alcohol in excess and

done regularly it can cause you to gain weight.

Gaining weight while battling diabetes is pretty much the

OPPOSITE of what you need to be doing. Also, alcohol in excess

can further worsened insulin resistance hence the vicious cycle

spins all over again.

Let’s not forget that when you are drunk your judgment could

become impaired. This impaired judgment could lead to you eating

A WHOLE BUNCH of things you shouldn’t be eating.

Oh, I don’t know, say you’re out on the town and before you

know it… last call. Next thing you know you are stumbling into

a sub shop that’s open late and stuffing your face with a

foot long sub. Not good.

Moderation, awareness and good judgment are KEY when YOU are

consuming alcohol. It’s good to remember that just because you

may be out having a grand old time doesn’t mean that you are

taking a vacation from your diabetes. As for the moderation

piece, a sensible drinking limit is about 2-3 alcoholic drinks

per day.

Remember – you only get one body in this life.

Taking good care of ourselves is not just a “health luxury”.

It’s an absolute NECESSITY.

Not doing this only takes away more and more of your energy,

your freedom – even your LIFE.

So go ahead, make that leap for total transformation &

change your life TODAY:


It’s about reversing Diabetes (a monstrous epidemic that shouldn't

even exist!) and giving you the control, the information, and

the means to take charge of your own health...

It's about showing you the laws of nature and how your own body

and mind are designed to achieve and maintain a state of PERFECT


To your health!

-Dan Sacapano

2 Replies

I drink in moderation. Either whiskey or vodka with water. Or dry red wine.

While I do not expect this to "get rid of diabetes", I know from personal experience that it does not harm me either.

To each their own. One man's meat is another man's poison :-)


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