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Dr Caryn Zinn -- Low Carb, High Fat in practice

Dr Caryn Zinn is a dietician at the Auckland University of Technology.

Posting series of videos from experts across different continents to highlight that it is a global phenomenon. LCHF is the best way to manage diabetes and even other things like hypertension, cholesterol, obesity with minimal use of drugs.

BTW she knows how to count carbs and also knows that calories is not grams (even I know that) and in nutrition one also has to take into account even "thermogenesis" and Gary Taubes says that first law of thermodynamics doesn't apply to explaining Obesity. Will post about Gary Taubes, an award winning science journalist, some day later :) :)

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Gary Taubes' award winning article which appeared in New York Times by the turn of this century -" what if its all been a big fat lie" is an impartial narration of how politics have played a role in making dietary guidelines and how these guidelines have proved to be the biggest nutritional folly of the 20th century in demonizing fat without any scientific back up


Precisely ram_latha.

Here's one video of Gary Taubes which I posted also:


He makes few harsh statements there too.

How's your LCHF doing in controlling your D?


Great video!

Yes, thanks .My D has never been so well controlled earlier. LCHF has not only helped me to control my D , my lipids and my weight , but also has helped me to educate my doctor a bit and friends alike.


Great on educating doctors and friends. The Sydney Diet Heart study reveals how researchers manipulate data in their favor:



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