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Need Help regarding poly Neuropathy

I am from India. My father is a type 2 diabetic patient and suffered from Poly Neuropathy from last one year. The sugar was always in control. Although we consult best Neurologist in India, But result is not good. First leg, then hand and now his neck starts to down to one side.......

We tried all Best medicine used for poly neuropathy.... Please suggest some good ways to recover from this.

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Serve him tea with papaya gratings 30 gms makes 5 cups tea which can be heated and served many time. Add Virgin Coconut oil 2 tsp instead of milkor sugar



Thanks for the reply... But may i know to which problem, It's a solution ?.... His sugar is in control(varies between 125-140).....


Hello Axeffect,

Thanks for the reply.... his sugar varies from 125- 140.. Right now main probles is Doctors said that slowly it turnes to Paralysis..... We are worreid now...


Hi All.... 2 weeks back my father has been operated for Muscle neuropathy... followed are line by line response from doctors..

Histopathology Report

Sections from skeletal muscle tissue shows effaced architecture, adipose tissue infiltration

with evidence of atrophic fibres with clumped nuclei, group of hypertrophic fibres, internal

nuclei and a few split fibres. Muscle giant cells are noted. A few regenerating fibres noted.

MAT – Mild endomysial fibrosis noted in the atrophic fascicles.


Severe neurogenic atrophy, Muscle biopsy site not specified.

Please suggest me on this... any good medicine or physiotherapy will resolve this


Request to all.. Please reply me on this....


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