my wife is in depression since last 10 yrs & going under treatment of experts. Due to medication she is gaining weight day by day. As she has gone under total hip replacement & adviced by orthopadic not to gain weight. She has lost interest in all works & not even doing any workout to control weight.She always remain under depression indoor.Pl. advice remedy

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  • this is a difficult situation.the hip and weight together.

    weight reduction is to be done by reducing the total daily food and exercise or physical activities.

    if she has no craze for eating it will be easy.

    what drugs she takes?

    what is her present weight and height?

    one easy thing to do is to reduce or avoid high carbohydrate containing foods such as rice ,wheat, potatoes etc. switch to low gi foods like green leaves cabbage etc.

    ask the doctor to change the drugs if that can help.

    good luck

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