I have occasional giddiness due to cervical spondlysis since 2011 in sleeping posture turning from a particular position. Any suggestions?

X-ray defines it as 'degenerative changes seen in the form of osteophytes vertebrae'. It began with severity (with vomiting) but now it is mild. After few days suffering when I take extra care during sleeping postures, it disappears. This time it is lingering for last 15 days. I would like to listen to experience of others. My present FPS is 140 and PPS 170 without any medicine. I am on walking and neck exercises and managing active life at 70+ years.

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  • I do not know whether my experience will be of relevance to you.I am also 70+ and diabetic.I suffer from degenerated disc problem(three discs in the lower back).At one point I was diagnosed for spondylytis,sciatica etc but ultimately,after an MRI,it turned out to be disc degeneration.Pain was felt at several places from left hip downwards.Doctor said there is no surgical treatment for this and prescribed physio therapy exercises.Luckily, after doing these exercises for about two months regularly,the pain now is just minimal.I rarely take a pain killer.I have no difficulty now to do my regular walk,driving etc.

  • Please check the Vertigo problem whether you have if any. recently i had similar issues like mildness, dizziness etc. three months before i had a ear pain and went off after 3 days. this issue may be relating to your ear and brain where there is mis match of equation and balancing. this results. currently i am using vertin 8 mg when ever i had experience this problem also using homeo also.

  • Consult a good homeopathic Doctor after going thro your history he will suggest medicine that will help immensely

  • dear KumaRamesh,

    you have not given your weight. are you overweight?from the picture i am unable to make out.

    take the doctors advice to correct the blood sugar.why no medicine is taken?kindly take medicines.

    if overweight

    reduce total daily food.

    you can also try reduced carbohydrates and a switch over to low gi foods to correct the bs levels.

    i also had this cervical spondylosis

    it was some ten years ago.

    at that time when i turn my neck a sound was heard , as though some dry reeds are brocken .it is called crepitus .

    In a joint, crepitus means cartilage wear in the joint space.

    i reduced my weight and did some small ,

    very light rolling the head exercise -neck turning this side and that side while lying on bed and head on pillow.

    i got cured.

    but remember my disease was different from yours.

    i had no degeneration of the disk.

    whether any form of exercise or movements of the neck -you have to get approved by the orthopedist.

    even nowadays if i sit for long time and look at tv keeping neck in the same position gives me the old discomfort . this will go away with a few minutes lying and turning the head.

    kindly ask the doctor .

    in my personal opinion ,

    if turning the head mildly, lying on pillow, and if it does not cause additional pain on the next day, repeat ,next day --you can always do it !!do you remember after a long walk -you have not much pain today. but tomorrow unusual pin and selling arrives.

    also remember diabetic medicine is a must if you fail to get back to normal bs levels with life style changes.

    be in touch with venkatji as above. he has done lot of practical research and won on this problem.

    good luck


    "Cervical spondylosis is a 'wear and tear' of the vertebrae and discs in the neck. It is a normal part of ageing and does not cause symptoms in many people. However, it is sometimes a cause of neck pain. Symptoms tend to come and go. Treatments include keeping the neck moving, neck exercises and painkillers. In severe cases, the degeneration may cause irritation or pressure on the spinal nerve roots or spinal cord. This can cause arm or leg symptoms (detailed below). In these severe cases, surgery may be an option.

  • Treatment is usually conservative in nature. Patient education on lifestyle modifications and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and physical therapy have been shown to manage such conditions.





  • I'm Diabedic since 10-years...but I'm doing exercise and walking....now I'm normal...but still I'm continuing tabs...

  • what medicines you take?.

    in diabetes if bs levels are normal taking medicines is dangerous-

    i mean if the bs levels are normal with out medicine.

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