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I have Diabetes morning fasting 130-140 and after meal 170. l


I Sarwar Hassan age about 52 years,Since 05 years I have Diabetes morning fasting period monitoring table 130-140 and after meal 170. Current I am facing some problem last 1 years heal pain and when I wake up in the morning my entire body paining all born. After 10 - 15 minutes normal condition. Please advice what can I do for further relief.

Thanks for your response in advance

Sarwar Hassan


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Dear Sir,Thanks to nature,It is alarming you,to wake up.Please go for nature cure+YOGA AND PRANAYAM.You will be cured certainly....

I am not against YOGA AND PRANAYAM. But please do them under expert's guidance. You can overcome these problems by taking good supplements of natural vitamins, minerals and proteins. With this your insulin quality will improve, gain energy and body pain will also subside. 9535279932

What is your meal chart and what is your medicine chart? Have you tried 0.2 mg with night meals and metformin 500 with galvus 50 mg after day meals?


Your sugar levels are high but not alarming.Diabetes management is comprehensive approach.You have to follow some measures like

1.Proper diet control Eat less carbohydrates .Should have more number but smaller quantities of meals.Keep regular meal timings. Avoid sugar,sweets,and alcohol.

2.Regular exercise like minimum 40 minutes walking.

3.Adopt a stress free life style.

4.Regular monitoring at home with adjustments in food.

5..consult a qualified and experienced diabetologist and strictly follow his prescriptions.

Diabetes can be managed within limits if you are careful.

Dear Sir

I am very much thankful for your response and advice

My home address is Sarwar Hassan C/o Doctor M.S Haque Subhash Margh, Hazaribagh, 825301 State of Jharkhand India

Best Regards

Sarwar Hassan

Dear sir,

I am suffering from diabetes from past 2 years, my reading is fasting 110 and post lunch 150, would like to avail of this medication, can u help me out also please,

Jeevan K Asthanna


My address is 8/2/293/82/be/31, Navnirmannagar, Road NO 71 jubilee Hills Hyderabad 500033, it has been mentioned in other space also, both are same. Thanx.



Dear sir,

Thank you very much, I have received the 1 month packet kindly advise on hot to use it.


Please assist me as well. My sugar levels have spiked UpTo 180 post meals. My email id is Kapoor.vinit@gmail.com and my address is Flat number 77, First floor, opp Bachat Bhawan, Ranjeet Ave, B Block, Amritsar 143001. Thanks a ton for your assistance

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