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In recent days I experience a feeling of no sensation on my right leg while i sit for long time in chairs. Is this because of diabetic?

I am diabetic for the last 20 years but it is under control. My age is 54 and weight 60 Kg. Very lean.

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Don't sit in the chair cross-legged. It can cause poor blood circulation in the legs.

You are suffering from diabetic neuropathy.

Symptoms may include:--

* Numbness and tingling of extremities

* Dysesthesia (abnormal sensation to a body part)

* Diarrhea

* Erectile dysfunction

* Urinary incontinence (loss of bladder control)

* Facial, mouth and eyelid drooping

* Vision changes

* Dizziness

* Muscle weakness

* Difficulty swallowing

* Speech impairment

* Fasciculation (muscle contractions)

* Anorgasmia

* Burning or electric pain

You will not notice leg injury due to numbness. This may lead to diabetic foot ulcers and amputation.

You should maintain fasting blood sugar below 100 mg/dL and postprandial blood sugar below 140 mg/dL.

Undergo HbA1c test. Target level is below 7%.








thank you Mr.nair sir


This is the effect of Diabetic and the use of insulin. Immediately consult a DM specilist and also the the specialist he refers. This is he beginning of serious problem. Take care and best wishes.


your symptom is of diabetic. To reduce some effect of diabetics on your body, please massage all affected parts of your body with hot water in the morning while bathing. The therapy give relief to the arteries and muscles.

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Very good indeed. If followed, sugar level will be under control, no doubt about it.