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will u agree

The Therapy that suits for one person may not suitable for another person,

But as a vegetarian from south India you may add this stile of diet

Reduce rice contents gradually as can as possible, and substitute it with green elves and other vegetables with high pibure

take the same diet in first phase by increase No of times and reducing quantity

later on gradually take that much of food, quantity that it makes you feel relaxed from hungry and not Drowsy

very important thing is the form of food u taken should take long digesting time and should give u energy through out the time from first half an hour to till the last in same level (in our tradition, food is described under 4 forms Bhaksya/Bhojya/chohya/lehya- these are all should be part of meals being every type of food will have its digesting time schedules and energy process levels )

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