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will you agree?

Diabeties is not a death sentence --- but it's a caution to input precautions in your daily motions/emotions/ it indicates loss of your bodies auto flexibility status, and says here after you have to manually monitor all your body constitution

think positively what the things you are loosing as a diabetic patients

Sweets ------ every doctors from the earliest of the life stages(even also to kids) suggesting not to take much sweets here also meaning is taking less sweets means take any thing that gives energy (calories)you can burn totally.and again have it---in simple ---have it -totally consume it -- again have

here also thing is same don"t feel it as restriction take it as suggestion

weight loss---- it is common for everyone for Body flexibility

stress free----it is also common advice given for all health concerns

get rid of habits that are harmful to you-- quite common even u will give same suggestions to everyone

now tell me what the thing is new suddenly came across your way except thinking that " you are going to opt the best practice of the good life stile"

will you agree????

- chandu

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I totally agree with your observations. Diet control, as suggested by the Nutritionist, followed by a daily physical exercise/45 min. morning walk on empty stomach together with the 3G medicine(s) prescribed by your Endocrinoligist, in that order, aside from periodical investigations concerning blood glucose(incl:HbA1c), kidney functioning/fundus test(eyes)/ECG/Lipid profile & corrections where necessary, 'll go a long way in keeping a diabetic fit for life and keep his/her productivity level high. for sure.


even, if you are not a sugar patient also,as well as after crossing 35, you have to maintain for fitness all the list you coated above for long innings--if not you have to retire at early overs -- is'nt it?

(tests / consultations /medicines all for doctors rest of the thing for our satisfaction that till now, we are fit")


3G medicines??????? pls write in detail, it just does not strike us instantly, can't recollect what 3G medicines are. pls substantiate, many many thanks


dhanyavaadhalu peddannayyagaru


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