what is the permanent treatment of diabetes.

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  • unfortunately no permanent treatment is available in this world till now ,u can only keep it in limits.

  • I would like to know more about this surgery

    at email bbhushan97@yahoo.com

    Bharat Bhushan

  • Thanks a million Abhik; thanks for the inspiration; would appreciate if you could expand, substantiate at length on Metabolic Surgery as mentioned by you on the diabetes.HealthUnlocked.com platform; thanks a million in advance, my mailer id: lalit.jhaveri@gmail.com My best wishes to you for healthy, wealthy productive period in life and God bless you in your endeavors,

    Rgds, Lalit J Jhaveri (username: tejkumar on the forum)

  • pls inform me more about this process, mail id pradeepzutshi@gmail.com


  • Very good. Pls detail doctor hospital and adress.


  • hi sir this is iqbal from Australia,  my wife is type 1 diabetic 32 years old, but diabetes from 3 years. just wondering what is process of surgery treatment.  if you can let me know please.  bamrah36@gmail.com



  • Hey hii , my self prashant, you can reply me on my email id: prashantsonpar@hotmail.com. M a juvenile diabetic . M suffering fr 15years . What's the treatment to be cured permanently form this disease . Waiting for your earliest reply .

  • Only solution is live with Insulin injections life long. Buy and read the book by Dr Bernstein who is a Type 1 who is now 80+ years old. The book is available on Flipkart.com when I last checked. The book will give you great means of managing type 1 rght from horses mouth. Pl remember, he is dead against ADA recommendations. While you read that book please do not be constrained by limiting yourself to so called Indian diet etc. Diabetes is not defined on region basis.

    Many Type 1 diabetics world over follow Dr Bernstein for managing their diabetes. Bariatic surgery barely has 27% success rate in diabetes remission so is useless expensive procedure.

  • Please send details in nitin192547@Gmail.com

  • Wat is process for surgery, to whome need to contact and wat is the cost will be?

  • Could u ppl guide me that how much cost and to whome need contact for surgery? Regards kranti. Ph 8121733450, chinnari.krantikumar@gmail.com

  • Request to send more details about the surgery and cost involved @ mohanlalbirjuka@gmail.com


    M. L. Birjuka

  • may i know the place and address

  • Dear all please wait don't go for any one of these ,use less.

  • Obesity is a risk factor for diabetes mellitus type 2. If you undergo bariatric surgery, the onset diabetes can be postponed a later date. Given the remarkable rate of diabetes remission with bariatric surgery, there is considerable interest in offering this intervention to type 2 diabetes patients with a BMI of <35 kg/m2.

    Transplantation of pancreas and kidney is simultaneously done on Type 1 diabetics with end-stage kidney failure. This will cure diabetes permanently and they don't require insulin injections for future survival.






  • There is no such thing as a permanent cure for diabetes.You can only manage it within normal range through diet control,regular exercise and lifestyle changes.Medication also may be necessary in most cases But at any time if you relax and take things easy by indulging,diabetic symptoms will reappear,for sure.

  • you hav'nt mentioned how long are u suffering and what's ur sugar level & HbA1c value now?However surgery is the last option.now-a-days so many effective drugs r availble besides insulin which give excellent results.you may try this consulting a wellknown Endocrynologist.Thanks

  • Hai, I am 30 Years old, I am Diabetic from past 2 years, now from past 4 days am on medication galvusmet 50/500mg, my fbs is 150 & ppbs was 230, HBA1C was 8.3%,

    Nowadays am experiencing some type of sheakiness, head ake etc ..... I am even alcoholic? I am taking medicine by morning & some times alcohol by night. does it effects me a lot??????????

  • i think only those people who have been diagnosed with starting point of diabetes meaning whose blood sugar fasting result is 115 or 120 and post lunch blood sugar result is 140 to 150 only those patients can be completely cured by taking diabetes medicines if they stricltly avoid less sugar in their foods or any sweet items. But please consult a diabetologist in this connection. Thank you.

  • When I was diagnosed my PPBS was 197. I did not take any chemical medicines for diabetes. Please see what happened afterwards at

    appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... B S test results numerical representation

    appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... B S test results graphical representation

    healthunlocked.com/diabetes... MYPOST2 OGTT1

    healthunlocked.com/diabetes... MYPOST3 OGTT2

    healthunlocked.com/diabetes... MYPOST4 GRAPH OF OGTT1&2

    healthunlocked.com/diabetes... Long Wheat & Cure.

  • Dear, stress is the prime cause of Diabetes i. e.( 80% ) so avoid stress. go for yoga. be happy always ! I have across a v.good medicine which the company ciaims as a complete cure for diabetes. the course will be for one& half year. if interested call me on 09768060828.

  • Your no is not conect

  • Mycell- 08806111555.


  • gangasvp@gmail.com,pls send the details

  • Please click this link


  • Hi Aravind, can you please send the pdf to my mail id:sundergood@gmail.com, thanks in advance

  • Hey arvindk can u plz mail me the .pdf ...hinata sunita@yahoo.com Plzzzzz i will b thnkful to u.

  • Hi arvindk,

    as you have mentioned, you are following the techniques thought in anatomic therapy.

    Have you started eating rice, bread, bun,carbs, banana, .....high glycimic food ?, party food ?, festival food- sweets ? except white sugary food ?

    Are your sugar levels under normal ( that is 80 mg/dl - 120 mg/dl), after eating all sweets( except white sugary food ) , by following food eating techniques thought in anatomic therapy

    Are you under medication ?, if yes what is the medicine you are taking ?,

    Have you stopped taking medicine ?

    Does anatomic therapy really, really, really work for diabetes ?

    Plz kindly answer these above doubts

  • madern ayurveda ka CURCUMIN & GLYCACARE se purntaya thik ho jayega.

    dr anil rai


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  • Hi Aravind, can you please send the pdf to my mail id:kamal.wod@gmail.com, thanks in advance

  • hi,to my knowledge diabetes is a disease showing the condition of our organ...pancreas.once the organ is not capable of producing enough insulin protein to balance the level of glucose in our blood.this imbalance may be due to many reasons.but by any reason if one is diabetic..then that is permanent.but it is a real blessing that we can control it as we wish.so come on friends please help yourself.all the best.

  • Experimental drug/ hormonal treatment for it is done in some destinations, but it is not yet approved. Stem Cell replication is one that is very promising, HGH treatment has in many cases have helped contain metabolic disorders, there are "designer" steroids also. But then risk rewards are not known to me. I am aware of a few clinics for it in Cuba, Thailand & in Russia/ CIS. But it is hard to find them advertised or searched through google.

  • The most important thing is LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT. You can only control so do not try any false promises of treatments by quacks. Even allopathic doctors can treat you only for a couple of weeks but for a long term treatment get a good endocrinologist. There is no alternative to a right doctor.

  • Attention Please !!! Arogya Amrit-Cure Diabetes Not Just Control It

    Diabetes is totally cure after the regular use of Six months of Arogya Amrit-Herbal Remedy For Diabetes in India.

    Most of the patients are hopeless and taking insulin,depends on medicine but all of our Diabetic patients are cure after use of Arogya Amrit.Unfortunately it is not available for outside India.We are looking forward to export it outside the country.

  • i am suffering from type 2 since eight yr. Today i am cure and free from diabetes. thanks arogya amrit

  • Hello.This is Ravi. From where can I get Arogya Amrit? Is this available in Kerala? If yes, where

    is it.

    Pls inform

  • No permanent treatment for diabetes is available so far, because the diabetes is a health disorder and not a disease.

    So don't favor the so called " we cure diabetes permanent"

  • Pls detail my ID.rkramzan5255@gmail.com Cell.8806111 555

  • Try stem cell therapy from pancreas. Its also proving best.

  • In Malayalam: Eakanayakam,Kattuzeerakam,Kiriyath and Thriphala in equal quantity make powder,boil 2 litters of water with 1 table spoon of that powder and drink when ever you thrust. Is that ok for type 2


  • In Malayalam: Eakanayakam,Kattuzeerakam,Kiriyath and Thriphala in equal quantity make powder,boil 2 litters of water with 1 table spoon of that powder and drink when ever you thrust. Is that ok for type 2



  • i am suffering diabetes type 2 for 4 years..i am now 27years.i can not control my diabetes by medicine ..so that i take insulin ...and it so disgusting for me.plz if u have any alternate solution / permanent treatment then email me.plz-rhrabiul46@gmail.com

  • Hi Shooter George Sir, could you pls share ur num or mail id. I am available on anupganapathi@gmail.com

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