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Diabetes control

Have normal food along with your family at fixed schedule. Follow the advice of your physician; go with the medicine presribed, take regular exercise demonstrated by Dr.M.V.Prasad on Youtube, 10 types of exercises repeated 70 times, twice a day after consuming one fourth of a ladu (any sweet at this quantity) 4 to 5 times a day, walk for 30 to 45 mts in the morning, avoid tension and unnecessary anxiety, smile and be cheerful. It will help you control your diabetes and reduce your dosage of medicine in due course.

Please see the exercises demonstrated by Dr.Prasad on Youtube or have a one time consultation at his clinic by taking appointment. His address:

Friends of Diabetes, Vyapara Bhavan, Kenichira, Wayanad. Tel: 04936-210240 / 346336

Dr.Prasad never ask you to make frequent consultation with him, as he expects you to be your own doctor after one time couselling with him.

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Please clarify one point--Ten types of exercises repeated 70 times twice a day.That works out to 1400 movements,right?thank you.


I do practice it regularly at this age of 68 and feel the difference. In simple terms when we eat 1kg food; do 2 kg exercise to burn out the calory and ensure a healthy living. These exercises are meant for those who do not take up any physical job. Brisk walking for 30 to 45 mts is advised even by Ayurveda physicians like Dr.Hareendran Nair.


One has to start the exercise with 10 times a day to reach 70 times in 14 days time and then continue at this rate twice a day. Ys 1400 movements, done in 20 to 30 mts without much of a difficulty, since the exercises recommended are very simple to do without straining one's body. The impact is great and therefore recommended to control BP and Cholestrol too.

Those who take it seriously are benefitted. Just forget you are aged at 60 or 70, give a positive try.


DIABETES TYPE 1: insufficient insulin secretion by Pancreas

Pancreas BIJI horizontal meridian sedate cold, dry and tone wind and heat +

as control sedate cold of Pn hzm

thus: sedate K3, LU9 and tone H7 and Liv3 + control sed K5 - all on right

side. For tonification and sedation use needles or bar magnets

perpendicular to traditional meridian pathways.

For Tonification: the magnet or needle should be so applied that energy on

hands' points be forced towards legs and that on leg points be forced

towards hands.

For sedation: the magnets or needles should be so applied that energy on

the points of hands is forced away from legs and the energy on leg points

is forced away from hands.

For all treatments on biji meridians posture of body is taken in such a way

that all 4 limbs are touching ground - hands are in front of legs - one may

call it "animal at rest posture"


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