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Hi! Can anyone help me to buy diabocare or similar capsules made of bitter gourd and other herbs available in India?. Thx


I was working in India as a consultant, and started using Diabocare, which is basically a capsule of bitter gourd and other herbs. it helped me a lot. I have come back home to Mauritius, four months ago, and my stck has run out. I find that i have to increase insulin levels again.

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Himalaya Drugs company of India is also manufacturing these capsules of bitter guard,named-KARELA-an other capsule of -MESHASHRANGI-(called as GURMAR-sweet reducer) is also very useful in diabetes,I am using for my patients regularly and satisfactorily with good results.Both the caps should be taken half an hour before break fast and dinner.And also a strictly followed by daily BALANCED DIET-EXERCISE-STRESS FREE LIFE STYLE-(BEST) regimen.This will do best possible for you.

Thank you very much for your reply. i shall be looking at your website to find possibilities of buying the Karela caps over the internet.

Thx again for taking the trouble


Thanks a lot for your reply. i shall get back to you on your email.


Thanks, i will


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